Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 2 Notes

April 12th, 2014.

“I May be Emotionless, but I Will Defend My Sister’s Honour!”

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime episode 2 notes / The Irregular at Magic High School anime episode 2 notes - Saegusa Mayumi, Watanabe Mari, Nakajou Azusa, Kitayama Shizuku

OP thoughts – Nice energies, standard shounen visuals, including what they show. Looking at it again, they only go up to book 4, alongside with some flashbacks from book 8. Guess we’ll go up to book 4 in the first cour, and then books 5-8 in the second-cour. Yeah, I’d have preferred for them to cover all 11 books of the first year.

1) Man, that Ahem cough from Mari.

2) That soft piano music as they entered the Student Council room… why are they trying to make it feel evenmore like a dating-game style visual novel? :P

3) Man, they messed it up in the translation. The Disciplinary Committee has members suggested by the bodies suggested above, rather than send members to the other bodies. I mean, the faculty members suggest Disciplinary Committee members, the Disciplinary Committee members don’t get to be faculty.

4) Poor Tatsuya. Between Mari who goes straight for the jugular, and Mayumi who plays around, with Miyuki who believes in her Onii-sama, he had no chance.

5) Hattori Hanzo is voiced by the voice actor of Hachiken from Gin no Saji :D I really like that voice actor. Too bad he’s a tertiary character.

His voice sounds so different when he’s not doing the “flustered act”, which goes to show, Hachiken isalways flustered. Well, guess they’re also emphasizing that side of Hattori, both in voice and in his outburst here.

6) That bit between Hattori Hanzo and Miyuki is important, but it’s never actually really explained, and it’s actually quite similar to one of my favourite tabletop-RPGs – Mage: the Ascension, so I will explain what he’s saying:

Magicians change reality by imposing their view of reality on the world. To change reality and bring about change they need a strong sense of self-certainty, but they also need to know what is actually real. Delusional people can’t use magic, because they can’t change the Eidos (see the shorts) of what is actually there. Man, I wish they’d have delusional mages, like the Marauders who infect reality with their magic in Mage.

7) Even reading the books, seeing Tatsuya win like this was disappointing. It was over even before it began. Well, guess they don’t want him to merely a badass, who can defeat everyone, but to show us just how overpowering he is, like an adult fighting ants, rather than a peer of the other students. They did add some more content to the scene by telling us what Hattori was going to do. In the books, it was even more stark.

ED – Usual forgettable stuff. Nothing bad, just… it’s the standard “calm ending” fair.

Post Episode Notes:

Yeah, we’re probably going to be in school at least up to episode 5-6. They’re definitely not going to cover all 11 books in the 26 episodes they have.

Nakajou Azusa, she’s supposed to sound childish and weak, but they overdid it :3

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