Magical Warfare / Mahou Sensou Episode 1 Notes

January 10th, 2014.

Angsty Delusional Teenage Magicians

Premise has lots of interesting elements, Fukuyama Jun, good composer, Madhouse. Should be good. Sadly, heard it’s sort of not-good, but let’s see for ourselves.

First Impressions:

1) Magicians are angsty teenagers suffering from a bad case of chuunibyou (delusions of grandeur) Part 1:

Magical Warfare / Mahou Sensou / MahoSen episode 1 anime

  1. “I am not your brother.” – Oh noes! Also, not a fan of the specific music playing in the background here.
  2. Everyone in this house has dead eyes and looks sort of like a zombie :< – “I’d go anywhere to get out of this house, even to hell” not that I can blame you dude, but such lines, from the main character, as the first episode begins? Be prepared to have your wish granted ;-)
  3. “I’ve accidentally turned you into a magician!” – But we’ve only had that one kiss! Being a magician as a transmitted affliction, like lycanthropy (werewolves). Heh.

    “I didn’t think this would happen, honest.” – Yeah, it really sounds like they’re talking about getting pregnant or a sexually transmitted disease :P

2) An Abortive Attempt at Romantic Comedy??

  1. So, MC-kun already has a girlfriend. Now he must either have a new girl come into his life, and/or girlfriend-san die. You know, right?
  2. Lesson learned – do not pick up stray girls…
  3. By the by, a girl falling on you mouth first? One of you is likely to get cut, or crack your teeth something fierce…

3) The Popcorn Action Tropes Strike:

Magical Warfare / Mahou Sensou / MahoSen episode 1 anime

  1. Some might say it’s better to have a wooden sword than nothing, and I’m sure we can all think of master swordsmen teachers who defeat people with real swords with twigs, but I wouldn’t want to be in Takeshi-kun’s shoes right now. Then again, I suspect some magic is going to play part here.
  2. Honestly, in a matter very similar to Index, I’m pretty sure these “enemies” are going to become allies before long.
  3. Touyama Nao who’s acting as Aiba Mui really reminds me of Hidaka Rina (Houzuki in Galilei Donna, Silica in Sword Art Online), and I really don’t like this voice for a main character :-/ Doesn’t carry enough power, even for meek characters.
  4. Eesh, that looks unpleasant. I guess this is his magic being forcibly removed from him.

4) I hate Adults! – Chuunibyou Angsty Teenage Magicians Part 2:

Magical Warfare / Mahou Sensou / MahoSen episode 1 anime

  1. Hm. You’ve only unlocked his potential. Well, here we have a “No-adults” sort of setup, to explain why only kids matter. But, it remains unclear, do magicians remain as magicians as they become “Adults”, or do they lose that power? To me it seems here being an adult is sort of a magical sinusitis, which merely blocks your ability to breathe in the magic-germs, heh.
  2. “To the magicians, the living world is a cursed place.” – This really is some top-level commentary on angsty teenagers, isn’t it? This world is a cursed place, only in our special world can we unleash our true powers! Chuunibyou-max!
  3. And now girlfriend-san is turning into a magician as well. Makes you wonder why in the dark ages they didn’t turn everyone to magicians and lived openly – because the adults couldn’t be converted. If I were the writer of this show, I’d have made a reference to how this is the true story behind The Pied Piper of Hamelin, heh.
  4. Yeah, living in “The Ruined World,” I wonder why people aren’t flocking to be magicians :3

OP – Nice, it has some good energies, it looks good, and I also like the character designs here. More action to put it on the level of Railgun would’ve been nice, but you can’t always get what you want.

ED – I didn’t care much for the music, but it plays out exactly like what “lonely angsty teens” would purportedly enjoy. The visual direction though was top notch, with plenty of minimal shots and great sequences. It’d be nice to get a clean HD version of this ED.

Post Episode Notes:

Let’s get the trivial out of the way first – did we really need girlfriend-san’s transformation into a magician to manifest by her breasts getting bigger? No, we probably didn’t.

It’s really interesting to think of this show in terms of “Angsty teenagers who are unhappy with their lives view the world through these lens”, or in other words, Chuunibyou meeting “The Hero’s Journey”.

The acting was so-so, the music was slightly annoying when I noticed it, and I’m not sold on the casting choices either.

Seems like it’d be a solid popcorn show to carry on in the tradition of Index, but since it’s coming out on Thursdays, it’s really hard to factor this show over all the other great shows of Thursday.

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