Log Horizon Episode 9 Notes

November 30th, 2013.

Shiroe’s True Fight – Conviction and Convincing

Well, the preview promised us we’ll finally see the plan. We now know Shiroe is widely known, respected, and somewhat feared, let us see the master strategist deal with people directly.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Laws Are a Thing of Social Convention and Agreement:

  1. “Laws are what people create, and others recognize.” – In case it seems to you like there are two things said here, then you are mistaken – there is only one. When people “recognize” a law, they are re-affirming it, they are creating it, in essence. A law isn’t something that is created once, but which is created each time someone affirms it by obeying it or calling someone else on it.
  2. It’s the same with “social contract”, which governs many things which aren’t codified laws, but are unspoken laws, such as shaking hands with someone who offered you their hand, or when it’s accepted to be rude to someone else – when do we see these “laws” existing? When someone breaks them, he calls their existence into question, and we re-affirm them by turning on them, thus creating them. Look up the Functionalist Perspective in Sociology, it’s not all it says, or the only theory that says it, but it’s a good place to go if you are interested in the topic.

2) The Power of Conviction – Villain-Shiroe, Not a Joke:

Log Horizon anime episode 9

Villain Shiroe – scary stuff.

  1. Well, everyone he said he’ll buy out the whole Guild Building zone, you guys were right.
  2. Shiroe putting his foot down! You don’t mess with Shiroe. Even little Serara-chan is suitably impressed.
  3. The Devil knows he’s a bad guy, but Shiroe doesn’t” – That’s a very important line. Shiroe is a True Believer. Shiroe is a zealot. Someone truly dedicated to his cause, and believes it to be just will stomp down on anyone between them and the goal, because the goal is worth any and all sacrifices. Shiroe isscary. All zealots are. That’s where all the villains who believe their cause is just come from.

3) It Takes Two to Argue: “What you’re doing is blackmail.” – “Then isn’t your threat to not agree with me also blackmail.” – Yes, a thousand times yes. Imagine an office where one person wants to have AC on and others want to have it off (a perpetual problem in a hot country such as the one I live in). At some point, someone will raise their voice and accuse the other of not being considerate of others – but isn’t the accuser doing the exact same thing? They are.

4) “Why do you think this wasn’t worth five million gold.” – This sentence has two levels, the first, they thought what they were getting was worth 5 million, which is why they paid – that it’s actually simple doesn’t change it. The other reason the Maritime Alliance guild leader is smiling is because the Round Council? It’s definitely worth 5 million gold.

Shorter Asides:

  • I counted, the guilds amassed account for 7,924 players, out of a total population of 30,000. 26% of the best organized people, that’s massive.
  • Evil Shiroe, he basically locked the naughty boys in their room. :P
  • Interesting, so Tohya can’t actually walk in the real world? Interesting he can walk so well here, even if he’s not used to it. Well, we can’t know whether it’s congenital or not. And he had spent months here by now.
  • Well, this wouldn’t be Log Horizon if they didn’t finish with “So what’s the real plan?”, would it? :P

Post Episode Notes:

Well, as watchers, we know what Shiroe’s goal is, and why it’s his goal – he wants a home, for himself, and that means creating a home for everyone. It’s much easier having peace when everyone has peace. But now he must strong-arm others in order to create that peace – not a good way to start things off, right? Which is why he’s actually trying to convince them, why he’s stressing the fact that his goals aren’t something any of them disagree with.

Shiroe wants a home, but as he noted, the only way to get there is for everyone to want to make it a home. This is Shiroe’s real battle, not obtaining the means to force others, but convincing them that they can turn things around, that there’s a reason to put in effort.

There’s a reason to aim, for the horizon.

And dag nabbit! Give me more stuff in the show! Well, the two fights acting one along the other keep reinforcing Shiroe as someone who had been deeply influenced by Code Geass in his youth :)

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