Log Horizon Episode 7 Notes

November 16th, 2013.

Food Takes Over the Virtual World!

So, time to convince people to follow, time to take over the city, time to rescue the twins :3 Go Shiro-bo!

Shortest Asides:

Thoughts and Notes:

1) “We don’t have to restrict ourselves by non-existing rules, meaning we can make new rules.” – You’d think she’d go for “Might makes right,” but she knows their situation, so “We need to find a way for people to bring us money, and be happy doing so.” – She is operating by old rules called ethics here, or at least the laws of reality – not truly in a position to force anyone.

2) You see them crying as they ate the burgers? I laughed, and then I teared up, because sympathetic tears too stronk, or more seriously – you know why this works? On the symbolic level, there are three things going on here:

  1. Life has a flavour again, life is once more filled with meaning!
  2. Things are real again, this is a tie to the realness of existence, rather than acting as if it’s all a cardboard world with food tasting like cardboard.
  3. This makes them think of home. This is turning the new place, into home. Shiro’s plan.

3) In case you don’t understand the significance of this scene of the girls sewing by candle-light, it’s child slave-labor, as the person selling the XP potions had said – they are now in leatherworking, and they work 24 hours a day. They juxtapose someone collapsing from working hard because he chose to, and people smiling around him, to people who are forced to do so, without friendship, and without stopping.

4) “But I’ll only have a place for myself, after I made one for others.” – Shiro continues doing the most amazing thing that he can, he’s helping others, because he doesn’t know how to help himself otherwise. Shiro likes being in the background of a lively group of happy people, but that means these people need to be happy and together to begin with, and if no one else will set it up, then it must be him.

Well, at least we grabbed another 1.5 members of the Debauchery Tea Party (not sure if the girl referenced was a member, or just a friend of Souji whom they know of).

Post Episode Notes:

This episode was really amusing and heart-warming, and spent a lot of time establishing again how much the Crescent Moon Alliance is a sweet place, and of course, how consumerism can change the world (~_^), but in this episode in particular the pacing served to frustrate me – Come on, I need my next episode fix right now! Right now! Aaaaah :P

Yeah, not a lot happened, but well, it seems this show is very much about slowly moving the pieces into place while hammering at us with the atmosphere and character building, and the characters sure are nice and amusing to watch. Putting aside that the pacing is too slow (because you want to see what the plan is, not spend an episode pre-plan!), I enjoyed it overall.

My predictions are that next episode would be yet another pre-plan stage, where Shiro lets others in on his method of making yummy-tummy food – they will give him a percentage of their profits, and this will also have them beholden to him for the information. Shiro can’t get everyone the food, but he can get the food to everyone, with some help. This is the next step beyond consumerism – chain stores!

Also, this will give some other guilds a goal to strive for, aside from requiring all those who want to eat the yummy food to actually need to earn some more gold. And the other side of it is delegation. Shiro is building a network of people who look toward him for orders, for approval.

Next week’s episode makes me hope we’ll see the plan, and the episode after we’ll carry it out and rescue the kids.

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