Log Horizon Episode 6 Notes

November 9th, 2013.

Shiro Decides to Take Over the World

So, children, whom Shiroe knows? And the preview promised political dealing and maneuverings, and Shiroe is powerful enough that he must be accounted for, we should be getting to some good stuff – especially after the last episode kept talking about how this is their world now, and how they must turn it into their home.

I’m sure the kids will play a part in it, need to put a face to an awful situation to drive one to action.

Shorter Asides:

  • Be brave Akatsuki-chan! You must not show fear in the face of the enemy!
  • “The more I think about it, the more haughty and childish I seem.” – Nice, people often think haughty behaviour as “mature”, as separating them from the “children”, but it’s childish for the exact same reason.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) It’s nice the “Info-dump in the beginning of an episode” actually delivers information that’s important for what is to come, which you can’t expect non-gamers to know, and is actually new information rather than an elaborate way to pad out an episode. Also, they actually use new animation for these segments, stuff we hadn’t seen before. Good job.

2) Seeing the small moments of them crying about food has me smiling. Sometimes you don’t have to have big moments, or actual laughter, but the small moments often hit hardest, when they make you just smile. Probably also why I like Gingitsune so much, all the small moments.

3) Shiroe looks and feels much more natural in the casual slacks than his robe – I noticed how he usually seems comfortable in shots he’s wearing the slacks, but usually they reserve him getting praised and feeling uncomfortable to shots with the robes, and he sort of hides his face behind the robe as well when that happens.

4) “It feels as if the bigger guilds control the atmosphere and the laws of the city. For example, who has priority among the market.” – Might makes right, and who gets to feed off a carcass or drink from the watering hole first – some would say it’s society falling apart, while others say it’s society forming slowly by people grouping together, as it gives them power. Both are true, the question is where you are measuring from – “democratic society” with a big hand that swats people who step out of line, or the frontier PK attitude where it’s everyone for himself only.

I wonder, Marielle said it’s not a question of laws or ethics, but to me Shiroe’s preferences, they fall under “Ethics”, even if not the “Ethics Committee” which is an official thing in many places, it is about preferences, and if it’s codified then it is laws. Ethics is pretty much about the reek actions that are legal can give off, and the reasoning for laws. Oh well, it’s just semantics.

So, basically, they enslave the lower level players, they turn them into chickens that yield golden eggs – last episode the kids complained about how they keep losing and thus don’t get experience – but that may actually be intended, as if they rise above level 30 they’ll stop dropping the valuable pots… ingenious.

5) “I don’t have a guild, that’s just an excuse to run away.” – Yeah, it’s good to recognize when your actions or beliefs are just excuses, some would say this separates Shiroe from say, Kirito, but I think Kirito knew he was running away from being responsible to others. Yes, Shiroe, it’s time to assume the mantle of responsibility. Society is made by all those who are part of it, and their decisions. The decision to not change anything is also a decision. Create us a new world, Shiroe.

6) “The Tea Party was a wonderful place, but that’s because everyone worked hard to make it that way.” – Nyanta is talking about relationships, if you just try to coast by, that by itself can make something go rotten. He’s also talking of Tolkien’s elves, who can’t die unless killed, and the detachment from the world it induced within them. You need things to be able to go bad, for people to put into them effort, because it’s the effort they put into them that makes them worthwhile of the effort.

“Chief, what should I do?” – And Nyanta gives the only possible answer that’s correct – “The most amazing thing that you can.” – With this, nothing more needs to be said, ever. Remember this line, it’s always useful.

Shiroe’s Speech:

“We aren’t nearly desperate enough.” Wow, that speech by Shiroe, and how it all ties together. I guess I’m going to have to break it down now.

Shiroe is told he needs to go all out, which explains why he suddenly turned into Lelouch – he understands that to change something small that permeates our lives requires changing the whole world, and that changing one guild, one city at a time will never cut it, so he is aiming for the skies, he’s being as ambitious as he can.

What does Shiroe need 5 million gold for? He doesn’t, and he doesn’t care about the gold, he said “What’s important is what comes after, I need everyone’s hopes and goodwill.” – So, why is he asking for 5 million gold he doesn’t need? Read above for his discussion with Nyanta – he needs people to give him 5 million gold. Why? Because “You get what you pay for” – people often value less things they don’t pay for, there are more than a few notes that people who pay for a PDF are more likely to read it than people who download (often dozens at a time) it for free and then it just gathers figurative dust.

That’s one part of it, he needs people to give him 5 million gold they do not have – he needs people to put effort, he needs to give them a goal, he needs them to work hard at defeating the world. As he said, 30k players isn’t “Wow, look how many we have!” but it’s all they have, 30k people against the whole world, and salvation can’t come from outside, but only from within these 30k. Society, as we discussed, is made by all of its members, and the more who sit idle and think they have nothing to gain or lose, and the more it rots. The first step to clearing the rot is to get people active again.

Also, think about real world MMORPGs, when a new expansion comes out, people usually hit the new level cap pretty much immediately, but here no one hit the next level yet, people just sit, waiting for something to happen, which we were reminded of with the screenshot again, from the second week’s discussion :

“Even if we have nothing to do, that’s no reason for us to be pathetic as well.”

Which calls back to what I said last episode:

Heh, the difference in outlook between active and reactive:

How long are we going to just sit here?

How long are they going to just sit there?

And so, Shiroe is turning into Code Geass’s Lelouch Lamperouge, he’ll destroy the whole world in order to create it anew, as a place where it can be home.

Also, I teared up in the end when Marielle did. Damn sympathetic tears.

Post Episode Notes:

I liked it. Sure, if you look at where we’re at after 6 episodes, many other shows would get here after 2-3 episodes, not 6, but the show’s pacing, during each episode, as you watch it? You’re having fun and it seems right.

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