Log Horizon Episode 5 Notes

November 2nd, 2013.

So, three members of the Debauchery Tea Party are together again, and we also have Akatsuki and Serara, and I guess what the secret is going to be based on spoilers received, but won’t write it here in case it’d be something else, so let’s see what happens.

Thoughts and Notes:

“Since when have you been into camping?” – “I’ve read a book about it once.” – that’s our book loving geeky grad student :3

Hahahaha! There better be a gif or two of how excited Naotsogu and the others are about this meat once I head over to the internet later ;-)

It’s easy for him to say, “Just prepare it like real food.” – when you’re of the age and in a society where you buy food prepared in supermarkets and just use the microwave :3 – then again, Asuna also actually cooked her food, didn’t she? :)

Akatsuki – “I’m not the best at what I do, others had known Shiroe longer.” – no despondency, no jealousy, just determination to work harder.

Aww, Chibi-tsuki!

“What is it to be human?” – Feelings, memories, families, do you need more? Also, adventurers as abnormals – it’s also true in Dungeons and Dragons – most people have about 10 HP or so, but you have people with hundreds of HP walking around, who can technically drop from huge heights without dying. Nothing new here, but nice to see these thoughts.

Yup, you more or less ignore all non-quest giving NPCs, and shop-owners are just there to be clicked once.

Interesting – I know in some games monsters ignore high level characters, but in this game that they are drawn to high level characters to create more of a challenge via numbers, interesting, and explains why the Teacher System is necessary – rather than just party with someone high-level as he clears your level’s monsters with you and raises your level quickly – D2 level-increase-runs, heh.

Post Episode Thoughts:

This isn’t a game, these are real people. That’s the message.

The kids are a good thing, you can see something happening close and then it propels you to action on a larger front.

This episode was about how important it is to treat this world as a real world, with real rules, and no shortcuts. Anything worth doing, is worth doing the hard way.

Also, I know they have 25 episodes, but covering a bit more ground in an episode wouldn’t go amiss, even if each episode covers exactly one thematic-“occurrence” and changing anything would require episodes to be a tad messier, or feel even rushed, so dunno.

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