Log Horizon Episode 4 Notes

October 26th, 2013.

Time for a rescue mission, and for Nyanta to meet his old friends from the Debauchery Tea Party once more. Honestly, that it’s called “Escape” and that we’re not going to overthrow everything is a good thing. Let’s dive into it.

Thoughts and Notes:

Wait, she can’t just unfriend that person? You can friend people without their permission and/or can’t unfriend without permission? Or is her friend also living in fear of the boss? Well, I’m sure we’ll get some explanation of what’s going on here, especially since it seems the boss of Brigandia is the one who has her on his friend list.

Nyan-chief, and little-Shiroe, these guys are so cute together.

“If you can’t do something, then don’t. Focus on what you can do.” – no shounen “Do the impossible” or “I can do anything, because I want to.” A more realistic take on things, and realizing no one can do everything, especially not on their own.

Post Episode Notes:

Well, I didn’t have much to say during the episode, so I guess we’ll have to spend a bit more time here.

Akatsuki is an assassin class, she’s obviously used to being a loner – seeing someone else has a better relationship with Shiroe, or rather, that he can trust on someone else in a manner he can’t yet trust her – he asked her “Please” rather than ordered her, or just assuming she’ll do it – but isn’t that part of the reason she’s indebted to him, his kindness without expecting anything in return from her? But then he offered her his hand, and she understood. Well, that and that she saw Nyanta’s griffon and she understood they go a long way back.

I think I know what the revelation Nyanta will make next episode due to unfortunate evil spoilers in episode 1 or 2’s discussions, which makes me think he is an adult, and not just someone who uses that as an affectation – which wouldn’t be surprising considering the “Nyan-speech”. Then again, they’re all adults, I’m talking even older :p

They continue to explain to us the world, and how things go – as someone who had played many RPGs, this is old hand to me, but to explain the logic and its repercussions, it’s worth it – the whole bit about Naotsogu’s 10 minute cooldown wouldn’t really make sense without that explanation, including why they waited and didn’t do anything – the attention-bait that it was. The other part of it was that it was relevant when Akatsuki explained what happened with Shiroe and Nyan.

This episode was fun, we got our dual-sword wielding too-cool for school badass, but even he had to rely on help, and trusted in his comrades to see him through. Naotsoku had been cool this episode, right? That’s exactly the thing, everyone got to be cool, but they got to be cool not through solo grandstanding, but through the way they had played off of one another, through their combinations.

BTW, in case you missed how badass the Nyan-Shiroe combo was, it was hammered in with the subtle touch of leaving the enemy at exactly 1 HP.

Also, it was nice to see Shiroe blush in this context – after all the time he had to help newbies, to see someone that he feels humble to be around, and treats as an elder, just as the elder treats Shiroe as an older uncle or kindly grandfather, or a neighbour who pats a young kid after he bruises his knee would.

Serara’s voice is more than a tad grating, but you can’t win them all.

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