Log Horizon Episode 3 Notes

October 19th, 2013.

So, last episode we talked a lot about objectives, about goals – it also ties in large to the whole idea of achievements, including Playstation/X-Box trophies. I actually want to discuss this issue at length at some point, but it’s an attempt to give external rewards to internal goals people set for themselves in the past, due to them being unable to do so. Well, let’s see what topic we’re going to discuss today.

Thoughts and Notes:

Wait, wasn’t the whole trip supposed to be roughly 2 weeks on foot per direction? So they should be very close now.

“You’re being too formal.” – and this from the girl who keeps calling him “My Lord” and using the “-dono” honorific :3

Heh, life without flavour – it’s nice that they are going with this idea literally. What’s life, without flavour? What’s food, if not a metaphor for life? Heh.

Hm, what is it with all the characters talking like “nyan”? It’s getting a tad annoying, even if I like catgirls, and the concept of nyan-speech.

Also, even as she complains about performing house-chores, she keeps performing them, as they take her mind off of what she’s talking about, which is these very same house-chores. No wonder her class keeps rising.

Making tea with apple cuttings, impressive, since the fruits retain their taste.

Shiroe is a really big-deal, this guy is getting a report on all the guild leaders, and they take time to discuss where Shiroe is.

“Even when I was with others, part of me was alone.” – Sadly, Shiroe, that is life. We’re born alone, live alone, and die alone. We can be around others, but until we can truly let others into our heads, we can’t ever truly be not-alone, completely.

Maybe that’s why people say you need to love/hate others to not be alone, you see, not being alone isn’t about being with others, but others being within you – which is to say, when you internalize someone’s voice so completely that you hear what they have to say about each of your actions, without them even being there.

But another way to read that is that you’re completely alone, so alone that it’s just you, and the image of others within your skull, rather than them themselves… ok, I’ve ranted long enough about this.

Notice how in Shiro’s dream he saw them all as he does in the world now, not as he saw them through the monitor when he experienced that. Also, as an introvert for whom social interactions can be tiring, it’s unsurprising he felt the way he did – especially since people didn’t like him, just the services he rendered them. Also, mentoring is hard work.

This episode started with pretty good music, and as they encountered the slime-fog, we got good music again. I like having good music direction and pieces in my anime.

In case you missed it, this scene with the dawn is the same as the one he experienced with the Debauchery Tea Party, where he finally felt amongst friends, where he fell in love, both with a girl, and with the world they are in.

“This is my world, I won’t allow anything to go against my will.” – classic storyline, of the small town’s bully, who is as its ruler, and won’t let anyone escape, for he needs subjects to frighten, to be powerful against, compared to. Classic story.

Post Episode Thoughts:

This episode was nice, I had fun, but at this stage I like this show. The characters’ interactions continue to be swell, I like the sort of humor they have going and the chemistry is palpable. The action and the world didn’t get to do much this week, but I’m fine with that, this was your “Traveling” episode, and while I wish more media simply did away with that, it can’t be helped.

The place crumbling does bear significance, before something was setup, and it kept the way it was coded – unchanging. Now though, things slowly fall apart, time finally gets to play a part in the previously unchanging world of digital gaming.

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