Log Horizon Episode 24 Notes

March 15th, 2014.

Attack and Counter-Attack; Shiroe’s Displeasure.

Well, I don’t know what’s up. So we have someone invading/attacking, but why? Does he just want to poop on the adventurers, is he part of the Elv race thought to be destroyed and thus seeks chaos, or does he wish to take down the economic might of the adventurers?

With the presence in the background of the mysterious woman whom I suspect is behind the other World-Class Magic, things ought to be interesting.

Strategize for us, little Strategist!

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Making Sense of the Attack:

Log Horizon episode 24 notes anime - Table-flipping Shiro

1) “Their goal is probably to destroy the Round Table’s reputation,” at which case I’m just going to repeat –why? Are they simply trolls who desire chaos and anguish? I suspect they actually have some other goal, even if that is only to maintain their superiority, whoever they are.

2) Shiroe is so naïve, “Players can’t be behind trying to remove us from power, they hadn’t been trained by quests to do so, and it doesn’t sound like fun!” – Then how do you explain the town where you rescued Serara from? No, trying to remove people from power for the sake of it is so very normal for players to engage in ;)

3) So, this is the western block trying to act against the formation of an eastern block? Did someone call NATO yet? :P

4) There is a method to the madness, well, two. First, just spread general anger and an air of people being malcontent, it spreads around, it saps the fun out of the festival. Second, tire the defenders, and tire Shiroe. Get him worn down and his have his brain melt before you thrust for the kill. Get the enemy worn down and off balance until he exposes his throat.

2) Receiving, and Applying Knowledge:

1) Neat, and so very fitting, you go Minori! When someone is really into something, it’s natural for them to treat other situations in their lives as similar, and to draw parallels. In the end, in RPGs, it’s all the same thing, quite often. You have skill tests to strike someone, and skill tests to learn a spell, or pick a lock, etc. So why not treat any large operation, any teamwork oriented activity as a battle, and spread responsibilities accordingly? Besides, more opportunities to be all dreamy about Shiroe’s lessons and see how we can apply them to our lives ;-)

2) Yes, customer service is the front line, they’re the ones who have to aggro the rowdy customers. Be nice to customer service representatives, they’re thrown out there as bait :p

3) Yeah, this is Customer Support 101, and why they often are so unhelpful, many places require you to meet a certain quota of calls per hour, meaning if someone takes up too much time, you have to stop helping them or you get less helpful after a while in order not to be chewed up.

4) LOL, adventurers aren’t being too good at handling disputes between couples, eh? :P To be honest, it’s not their business to handle these at all, let the couples duke it out while you help others you can. Just contain the quarrelling couples aside from others so they won’t cause disturbances.

3) Commence Counter-Attack, and Rudeness:

Log Horizon episode 24 notes anime - Shiroe the villain

1) LOL, table-flipping Shiroe (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻ – I guess getting him out of balance works. Shiroe likes enemies such as himself, whom he can play “chess” with, he doesn’t like random actions he can’t decipher. Silly Shiroe, they’re your enemies, it’s not their job to give you what you desire, is it?

2) This is so very MMO, everyone is at this banquet carrying their weapons. And when you carry weapons, it’s much easier to resort to violence, especially when an MMO had trained you to use violence as the solution to everything.

3) Apologizing on others’ behalf, especially when they don’t think they’ve done anything wrong… talk about a way to get fights started between friends, or couples :-/

4) I don’t know why they are kowtowing to this dude. Yes, no reason to burn bridges unnecessarily, and yes, to get angry would play into his hands, but hey, he is the one going to lose his best-quality goods, isn’t he? That rotten fish-eyed bastard.

5) Yes, that is indeed a method of counter-attack. To counter-attack you don’t have to undo and move against what the other side is doing (counter the disturbances), but also obstruct their goal, by making your event fun, while they try to ruin it. Stopping their attacks is just a way to get there, not the goal itself, which is important to keep sight of.

6) “Who do you think you are?” – “Greetings” coupled with glasses-pushing, which I translate to “Who do you think I am?!” and “The table is set. Game, set, match,” sort of set ;-)

Shorter Notes / Asides:

  1. Cute Akatsuki is best Akatsuki.
  2. Dat mid-card, heh.
  3. Shipping intensifies, and Shipping wilts. (“Shipping on, shipping off“?)
  4. Akatsuki has some Senjougahara-like qualities (Monogatari), in the way she looks, so she even gives us a more refined head-tilt here.

Post Episode Thoughts:

First thing first, next episode is the final episode, and the preview introduces us to a new character with whom Shiroe will meet, going as far as to tell us “Their meeting will change the world?” – Well, “I will change the world” is what this show always ended episodes on, but how cruel! Well, I guess it’d convince people to pick up the LNs, so all according to the glass-pushing plan? :O

This episode was the quintessential Log Horizon, putting aside what one thinks of it, but it combined all the elements of this show, from cute moments that border on RomCom that had me smiling as we saw Soujiro and his cohorts, to Shiroe making plans, to seeing how the players’ nature and the nature of the game is referred to and makes sense in this living world.

Well, this show is almost over, but it certainly seems next episode is going to be busy. I need to pick up the LNs!

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One comment on “Log Horizon Episode 24 Notes

  1. I will be sad to see this series end. Is it too much to hope for another series with similar setting for next season? xD

    (SOA -> Log Horizon)

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