Log Horizon Episode 23 Notes

March 8th, 2014.

It’s all Fun and Games Until the Glasses Come Off

A Shiroe and Minori episode. This gotta be interesting, since it’ll be Minori’s new resolve being tested. Her chat with Tohya, she can either take it either as if needing to redouble her efforts, or to give up on romantic notions and just be a loyal disciple, but the more time she spends next to Shiroe, the harder it’d be to maintain her resolve. She still has a crush on him.

Also, can be nice to see how one develops their idea of selfhood and place in the world.

Thoughts and Notes:

Log Horizon episode 23 notes anime - Mystery woman

1) Form, just look at that word. Forms should have a uniform form, that’s exactly what it says. When each form is in a different format, they’re not truly forms, and may as well be pieces of paper. As your network grows, it’s time to adopt some semblance of bureaucracy. Sure, it might create some more work for others, and setting it up isn’t something that just happens, but it helps you actually streamline the workflow.

2) So, this is unclear – what difference is it for Minori between becoming an apprentice to a scribe, and becoming a scribe directly? O.o

3) “This is my battle!” – Seriously though, if you think about RPGs, you have obstacles which you need to bypass, you often have target numbers to beat as well. A combat with monsters is simply a series of small skill-checks and one challenge, but the same is true when you try to craft an object, persuade an NPC, or any other number of things.

4) 4:40 and 16:57 in, that person, the one who told the story about Shiroe’s world-changing magic, and then disappeared – she’s here. In the background. Hmmm.

5) Crusty and Isaac’s discussion about Shiroe. It doesn’t mean they’re right, but this is what they think of him – he’s more than a gambler, he’s an adrenaline junkie, he wants to force people, he wants to match wills against people, he wants to see if people resist him, and to crush them under foot. But the part about “He wants to have no interest in the matter”? That part seems to say he wants it to be a game. When it’s important, he wouldn’t enjoy it, but yes, he’d go all-out.

It’s not too surprising, after all, it was originally a game, and what better play-pieces, what better opponents are there, other than other people? Of course, “Nothing in it for him” also has another meaning, which fits Shiroe better – he’s at his best when he’s fighting for others. He’ll abase himself, he’ll debase himself, he’ll be a villain, but not for his sake, but for others.

6) Shiroe now understands why that person was willing to leave so early. He didn’t truly come here to get any trade going on. All the errors? They don’t know how to feel forms. They’re actually warriors infiltrating the city before the main force arrives, while also increasing unrest during their stay.

Cute Faces and Such:

Log Horizon episode 23 notes anime - Casual Shiroe, Akatsuki, and Marielle

  1. Ok, so we’re done moping. Time to face the day ahead. A continuation of what I said in my pre-amble. It’ll come down to how she handles it.
  2. “Food safety inspection” – Don’t think we don’t know what you’re up to Naotsogu, you’re here for free food samples.
  3. This made me smile, a mortified cute ninja, out in the open, exposed.
  4. Marie is just an endless font of cute gifs and reaction faces :3
  5. Ok, Henrietta all but admits she likes Shiroe as well. Poor Shiroe, all these women who want him.
  6. MMORPG clothes sure are ridiculous. Overlarge, gaudy, full of flashy bits and pieces. Also, just how large is Crusty in real life, or did he get used to his new form over time? :o
  7. I like this shot, everyone in casual outwear. You can almost imagine them walking the streets in modern Japan, together.
  8. The cursed sword is unsheathed. Standing in for the good of someone else, even if he’ll be perceived as a villain. Also, “young kid”? He’s an archmage! :P

Post Episode Thoughts:

Log Horizon episode 23 notes anime - Mortified Akatsuki chibi.

Well, I worried about where the show will go from here, what its final arc is going to be. So first we’ve acclimatized ourselves to the world, then we created a home, and established some neighbours. Now it’s time to defend our home, which we took some time to create.

The first half of the episode was what the show had given us an endless amount of between episodes 5 and 13, and a fair amount of in other episodes as well – the usual RomCom silliness and just pleasant atmosphere show.

Now we have an invasion incoming, and I wonder if we’re moving beyond “Social situation born out of this being a game, and the game’s rules” to “Social situation arising from simply being people inside a living world.” What are the invades’ goals? What will the adventurers do? And there’s still that mysterious visitor who might be the one behind the other World Class Magic. Certainly keeping us busy.

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