Log Horizon Episode 22 Notes

March 1st, 2014.

A Cake Date / Breaking Down Akatsuki’s Character

Minori has a crush on Shiroe, though it seems more like that of a small puppy, or someone who idolizes her senpai. But she sees herself as similar to him, and as one who can be his equal. Akatsuki wants to serve Shiroe, wants to be useful to him, someone he can rely on – they’re also closer in age. Who will win? Who will cry? Well, Shiroe will likely cry anyway, the introvert.

And besides that, the other main point seems to be much more serious, how others perceive Shiroe. Shiroe who doesn’t bother explaining and cheering people up, who does what is necessary, and then withdraws. Public opinions and rumors can bring down trust, and with it the city of Akihabara. Time to mingle, Shiroe, lest all your dreams go down in flames.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Shiroe’s Choice:

Log Horizon episode 22 notes anime - Shiroe's glasses reflecting Minori and Akatsuki

  1. Never a break for Shiroe. It’s that bookish animal magnetism :P
  2. I doubt Shiroe needs to win this contest to get into the Twilight Banquet, Minori… he’s the leader of Log Horizon and one of the leaders of The Round Table. I’m sure he can get in anyway.
  3. Cake heaven… I must remember I need to observe my blood-sugar levels, but I want to eat all of this… I’m going out tonight, I think I’ll have some cake :>
  4. Heaven or hell? Ah, poor Shiroe, being unable to enjoy the occasion due to all the glares, and due to the insane amounts of cake he will have to consume.Hell, definitely hell. Heck, it’s akin to a nightmare, where it all begins great and quickly goes downhill. ;_;hang in there Shiroe. No wonder the café owner told him to hang in there, she knew the guy ends up having to eat it all, and she stacked the deck against him.

2) Akatsuki’s Silent Love (Best Girl):

Log Horizon episode 22 notes anime - Nomming Akatsuki

  1. Akatsuki, you’ll end up giving Shiroe a heart-attack :O
  2. D’awwww! Nomming semi-sad Akatsuki <3
  3. Behold, a ninja’s wardrobe, completely devoid of anything that is cute, or even lacking in sharp edges… ow.
  4. “It’s hard to have a conversation with you!” – Silly Akatsuki, it’s hard because you expect him to pick up on things without you having to say them, you expect him to carry the conversation all on his own. That’s not how conversations work. But that’s exactly what you said, it’s hard to have a conversation with him, because you don’t want to say these things outright, and perhaps get turned down.
  5. Akatsuki in love? Akatsuki is love.

3) Minori’s Voiced Emotions (Not Best Girl):

  1. Minori tries to paint it as if she’s doing this to help Shiroe, but Isuzu-san sees right through her. You’ve got the sweets for sweet-loving Shiroe, just admit it :P
  2. “It’s not a problem, you’re just hurt, Minori.” – Wow, I totally didn’t expect such a profound line right now. A problem means there’s something that needs to be done about it, that it needs to be fixed. Furthermore, it means something is “wrong”. Well, this is normal, so getting here isn’t bad, nor do you necessarily need to take action to find a “solution”. This is life.
  3. “I haven’t done anything, have I?” – Now the question is, hopefully it means she hasn’t done anything, so there’s nothing to be sorry for, and she won’t do anything about it. I really hope it won’t be taken as “I haven’t done anything to earn his love yet, so time for a love-war!” – I’ve seen online guilds/communities blow up over far less than that :P


Log Horizon episode 22 notes anime - Princess Lenessia figures

  1. Licensed limited-edition figures! Do want! Especially the armoured version. Well, commercialism is actually important here, it gives people something to aim for, a reason to be active and get gold.
  2. This show had spent up to episode 13 or so selling us mostly on its characters, and how much we enjoyed being in their presence, so seeing them being cute/in-love now works.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Log Horizon episode 22 notes anime - Thoughtful Akatsuki

My opinion on who is best girl? I for one am glad for the rise of the Minori-faction, it means less false claimants for my Akatsuki.

More seriously though? Akatsuki isn’t an interesting character. Being a dependable and silent helper for Shiroe who loves him but is unable to express her feelings for him is more or less the full extent of her characters. The whole Henrietta-doll shtick and kicking Naotsogu aren’t parts of her character, but characterizations, or small shticks to hang on her character. Akatsuki hadn’t yet undergone any character growth or change, and she couldn’t have, simply because there’s very little that can change just yet – for there to be change there needs to be a basis there.

That isn’t to say her feelings for Shiroe are unrealistic, just being next to someone or even seeing them in the street can be enough for these to appear. And yet, even here, her role isn’t to be a fully-fledged character, but to be a supporting character, to create change and conflict (as in, you may not get what you want, and you have to make effort – not necessarily negative) for Shiroe, and even for Minori. Her participation in the story right now, even in the arc where we discuss her love for Shiroe isn’t for the sake of her character, but that of others’.

Minori, next episode’s preview filled me with some worry, I wonder if she’s still aiming to get together with Shiroe, or just throwing herself at being his student and aide, to be like the person she admires.

The one thing I hope we’re not done with is the whole issue of trusting Shiroe, of how others perceive him. That’s a topic that is worthy of more discussion, so I hope it wasn’t just a setup for today’s cake-date.

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