Log Horizon Episode 21 Notes

February 22nd, 2014.

Love and Rumors are in the Air

Well, we won. I actually wonder what will happen this week. I think it’ll mostly be a celebration, but there will definitely be political undertones, as the Adventurers helped the Nobles, who see just how powerful and advanced they are. Lenessia’s cognizance of the adventurers being crazy should also play part.

We have just enough episodes for one more storyline after this, and I’m really interested in seeing what they come up with.

Thoughts and Notes:


Log Horizon episode 21 notes anime - Chibi Princess Lenessia

Chibi Lenessia <3

  1. Silly Shiroe, Akatsuki wants to dance! Yes, she blushes and is uncomfortable, but she wants at least theopportunity to dance. You’re supposed to be perceptive, aren’t you? :P
  2. Isuzu and Marie in ball gowns, I didn’t recognize them until Marie spoke :3
  3. “Rudy, stop eating meat and eat some vegetables!” – A couple? Mother and child? Owner and pet :P
  4. The lazy princess’s lazy dreams are so cute (I’m a huge fan of chibi) :P It reminds me of two episodes again, she operates on the same wavelength as many of the MMO players, so no wonder she got them all to follow her quest ;) Just living the lazy life without going out, heh.
  5. ^____^ Everyone’s dancing. Go, go!
  6. Awww, so Minori likes Shiroe, but so does Akatsuki :3


Log Horizon Episode 21 Anime - Akatsuki

1) And so, a month had passed. Interesting. So they hadn’t killed the Goblin King yet? That means the toughest one, the Raid Boss is still alive. Hm. Half-measures are no-measures!

2) Makes sense, first you kill the goblins, then their leader, so they won’t all scatter every which way, where hunting them all down would be a pain in the ass.

3) “They don’t know about the memory loss […] Knowing Shiro, he’ll handle it.” – They let Shiroe shoulder all their burdens. A tough for Shiroe. And yet, he avoids places where one can relax, such as the ball. Of course, being an introvert, he might only expend more energy going to the ball, rather than regain any of it.

4) Silly Shiroe, you perform a Grand Magic, and you think you can keep it a secret. Seems the various seers of the land know more than you’d wish they did. Ah, repercussions are sure to come.

And the plot thickens, there’s someone else who came upon creating a new type of magic. Hmmm.

5) So, just like we forgot to clear monsters and the Goblin King returned, seems something similar happened in the west, but they did have involvement from The Knights of Izumo? This is very interesting.

6) Minori idolizes Shiroe, but she sees his route has people speaking ill of him, and that it’s secretive – not just in appearances, he really does deceive people. Makes her reconsider her choices, think of how she feels about Shiroe, about herself, and about rumors.

7) And yet another time-skip. Time-progresses, so the world and its inhabitants could change, and bring us new interesting situations.

The “We will change the world” in the preview was funny, how scared Shiroe sounded :P

Post Episode Thoughts:

Well, guess we’re going to deal with social issues next episode. Shiroe would have to face two girls who like him, and he won’t be able to just avoid it. Also, we’ll see the power of rumors, and suspicion, and the cost of leadership, especially leadership by deceit and withholding information, or leadership by the appearance of deceit.

Being infamous can be handy, but it’s slightly harder when you have to live that life, around these people.

Oh yeah, this episode itself? It was very cute, and they did some work to set up future conflicts/characters – The Demon Festival (festival), the mysterious story-teller who had been digitized as she entered the shadows, the new magic-creator, and social repercussions. Solid episode.

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