Log Horizon Episode 2 Notes

October 12th, 2013.

Well, the preview told us that in this episode we’ll see what happens when you die, and we have to save our young friend, and some adults are being mean to kids. Let’s see how many more sci-fi moments and MMORPG sensibilities we’re gonna get.

Shorter Notes:

  • I’m sorry, Akatsuki is just too cute.
  • Akatsuki, let us get married and live together forever <3
  • And now he’s blushing at being cool. He’s blushing not by some external thing, but by what he thinks of himself. Very human.

Thoughts and Notes

1) Players do what is efficient. The question is, why? You can’t really die, you’re all top level players. What do you really gain from having the extra gold you can gain by beating players? Easier than killing the monsters? That’s the only thing I can think of, aside from the obvious response of “This is an MMO game, so you get griefers.”

2) I like how they explain things. If you’re not really familiar with MMORPGs, you get all the information you need, but this being a new game, the information for the most part isn’t truly wasted even if you are familiar with MMORPGs. Sure, we don’t need an explanation of what a “Tank” is, but I can appreciate it being there to explain to those not as savvy.

Interesting class, the Enchanter. Can’t do anything on his own, but is a power multiplier with allies. Some would say it’s the opposite of Kirito :3 We really don’t have anyone pulling solo here. Except potentially for Akatsuki, who is currently strangely missing from the action, I bet she’ll get the healer.

3) As Terry Pratchett could tell you, a lot of humor is based upon repeated gags, that come time and time again. I wonder what’ll happen the one time Akatsuki will ask for permission before kneeing Naotsugu, if that will indeed happen.

4) And here we have the “Goals” discussion – they’re all top level, they can get the money for the food they need, and this is now their life, so just spending life here isn’t a goal in and of its own.

Also, if you think my description above sounds bleak, well, that’s what they discuss now – it’s not very different from real life, aside from the goals we set ourselves, which are all there truly is – we work so we could eat, we eat so we could live. Life is the goal. So why is just “life” within this game not enough? You know why achievements were created? Because people couldn’t come up with their own end-game goals – craft an end-game set of armour in Diablo 2 or WoW, try to beat the game using only a certain weapon in FPS, etc. In the end, goals all come from within us, and creating society for instance can be a worthwhile goal, one to keep you busy for a long while.

4.5) “Even if we have nothing to do, that’s no reason for us to be pathetic as well.”

Which calls back to what I said last episode:

Heh, the difference in outlook between active and reactive:

How long are we going to just sit here?

How long are they going to just sit there?

5) “Don’t look at me like that. You look really mean. If you look at girls like that, they won’t like you.” – our MC is somewhat of an adult, he doesn’t get scared by such obvious lines. He doesn’t need to prove himself to anyone, when he knows he’s in the right. He also doesn’t waste time screaming like a little child.

“I have no right to involve myself in another guild’s business.” – are you dumb? They just asked you to lead most of the guild while the guild leader is away. They already asked you to be as involved as can be.

6) Aw, that mini-blush as he said it “My mini-class is a scribe.” and it feels he’s blushing at what he’s saying, not at a girl being so close to him. MC of the season? MC of the season. Ok, maybe he’s got something for Akatsuki. Can’t say I blame him.

Post Episode Thoughts:

We had good action sequences, we had the players thinking about their humanity, what it means to live in this reality, and reflecting about their goals, about motivation. We also had plenty of Akatsuki.

The characters continue to be human, in a good way. A good episode, a solid show, thus far. The pacing is quite slow, but I think we’re still setting up our characters and their situation as relatable, as well as providing exposition to non-MMORPG players. For a 25 episode show, this is fine.

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