Log Horizon Episode 19 Notes

February 8th, 2014.

Badasses Tear Up Too ;_;

Well, last week our hearts had been moved, but now it’s time for slaughter, and for Rudy’s tale? Well, Izumi is a bard, so if anyone should hear and then recount the tail of the loyal Golden Retriever, it should be her.

Also, action! MMORPGs demand action, and seems this week we’ll get it :)

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Crusty the Berserker:

Log Horizon episode 19 notes anime - Crusty the Berserker

1) Don’t mess with Crusty. Most of these goblins are probably level ~20 monsters, judging by how the kids fought them, and Crusty is a level 90 raid boss leader. The only reason this is even an issue is numbers. Well, it certainly helps when a single player can clear hundreds of monsters in a single strike. Of course, there’s cooldown to be considered, but there are enough players. Soon the higher level monsters, the “Elites” will surely appear.

And here we go, Hill Giants!

2) Is Lenessia impressed, or scared, by how Crusty enjoys the fight? You know, we liken them to berserkers, but it’s not entirely accurate. First, this had originally been a game, people are used to enjoying the fight here. You usually don’t get to higher levels if you don’t, unless you like meta-things, such as strategizing, like Shiroe. Also, berserkers in real life, or people who “enjoy the fight” can still die. It’s much easier to fight with reckless abandon, or get used to it, after being used to the fact that even if you die, it’s not game over, unlike real life. So yes, to a “normal human” like Lenessia, for whom death is permanent, and who treats this as real life and not a game, someone like Crusty is an insane alien. She should be afraid of Crazy Crusty, but seems she feels sorry for him.

2) Plans and Teamwork:

1) “Their fight might decide our destiny.” No one wants to be helpless and dependent on others, but that’s life, and that’s what it means to be part of a guild. Yes, you can’t be forced to do anything, but it’s the most beneficial route. You give up control for efficiency.

2) The communication scheme is simple and (thus) genius. Real time communication on the battlefield wins fights, just as surely as its lack loses them.

3) You know what they say, plans dissipate once you make contact with the enemy, but in this case, a plan is nice and all, but they just don’t have the numbers. Makes sense when the kids’ plans is basically, “Let’s attack them before they attack us!” the plan succeeded, in that they carried it out, but will it accomplish its goals? :P

4) Now we see the origin of “Always look thirty seconds ahead,” it’s the equivalent of saying a chess player can see 3-4 moves ahead. Also, it sort of made me chuckle, just like in sports shows, how Naotsogu gave what Shiroe does a name, as if it’s a “move” – “Full Control Encounter!”

3) When Plans Fall Apart:

Log Horizon episode 19 notes anime - Minori

1) Poor Minori. Her whole outlook depends on order, on prediction, on being in control, and now she’s not. Furthermore, considering their real world nature, that something might happen to Tohya… yeah, the kids only treated this as a game for considerably less times than the adults, so as last episode noted, they were quick to treat the People of the Land as real people, but still, considering they will revive if they die, and she doesn’t know of the memory loss, she shouldn’t take her brother’s potential death here this badly. Of course, should one fall, the others will likely follow, and the town will fall as well, but still.

2) ;_; It sure is raining in here.

After accounting for that though, it shows there are metaphysical differences between adventurers and People of the Land – their souls don’t behave differently. It does make you wonder if the players’ bodies exist somewhere, so their souls are connected to their “real bodies”. No idea, but souls, mana points, all are literally ontologically extant in the world, and there are differences between different people.

3) Minori calls upon Shiroe, who is like a god to her. I wonder if she knows there is a way out, or she just hopes Shiroe knows of one.

Shorter Notes / Asides:

Log Horizon episode 19 notes anime - Badass Rundell House Code

  1. Subtle sexism? All the telephone operators are girls.
  2. And like Crusty, Akatsuki is antsy to fight, to kill.
  3. Marie, war face offwar face on.
  4. “Please, wolf-chan!” LOL. You know, Naotsogu and Nyanta are like parents, proud that their children finally learned how to walk. Poor Serara, whom Nyanta sees as a child.
  5. Rudy looks like a real badass here. Go Rudy, we’re cheering for you! The little Golden Retriever that could! ;_;

Post Episode Notes:

Log Horizon episode 19 notes anime - Crying Isuzu

The preview this time didn’t end with “Always look 30 seconds ahead,” which we now know the origin of, but “We will change the world.” They are not content with just being denizens, but they’re also aware their mere existence will change the world. It also spoiled what will happen with Rudy, naturally. Anyway, it said the rules of the world does not permit People of the Land to be revived, and the episode name is “Contract”, which makes me think Shiroe will call upon demons, who make contracts with people and who exist outside the natural order (which is why they’re sealed away). Just a guess. Well, it’s time for Archmage Shiroe, as the NPC called him, to show us what he’s got.

I liked this episode. This wasn’t an episode of social reform, this wasn’t really an episode on the nature of trust. This was an episode dedicated to looking cool, to having fights, and to giving us MMO fan-service. And you know what? I liked it. The badasses had been badasses, Rudy and the kids got their moments of badassitude as well, and we even got emotional.

Good episode.

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