Log Horizon Episode 15 Notes

January 11th, 2014.

Nothing is as Hard as Mastering the Simple Things

Last week’s episode had been marvelous, but seems tonight we’ll deal with Minori taking control of her fate, and of her friends. Well, let’s see soon what our Round Table is up to, and how the new knowledge shapes things, but first – Database, wow, wow, dooggie dog doge :p

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Miscellaneous Notes:

Log Horizon episode 15 Rudy / Rundel Haus anime

  1. Danger is coming, a threat coming from beneath the waves is often used to portray danger – it is so close, but it is unseen, from what is seemingly a nice beach.
  2. There’s hope for you yet, Rudy. Don’t worry, we all know you bluster like that because you’re so insecure.
  3. No better setting for a ninja to be pensive, as she sits under the night sky, with the moon hanging overhead
  4. Hm, weird, you can’t add Rudy as a friend, and I think he knows why.
  5. Yeah, just like in episode 1, even if they’re individually weak, there are just too many of them.
  6. Yeah, not just The People of the Land are doing things, have personalities and “souls”, but so do the monsters.

2) The Basics Are An Advanced Topic:

Log Horizon episode 15 Minori anime

  1. “Why? Why? Why?” – Often annoying, but also useful – “What spell do you use? Why that spell? Why is it effective?” We’re slowly getting there, Minori-chan.
  2. “We just need to talk to one another. It’s so simple, but it’s the most important thing!” – Yeah, often it’s the simple things, the obvious things, that take the most work. Also, they truly did look like kids memorizing rote learning, and following a manual step-by-step. Considering Minori literally does just that, it’s not surprising. It often takes people a few tries before they are sure of what they are doing and can do so without manual aid.
  3. “It seems like obvious things, but how many such small things did they have to figure out on their own to reach that point?” – Yeah, the gulf of knowledge – what an adept does seemingly at ease is actually a combination of numerous things they’ve mastered, and each of them in turn is made of other things, and each and every single one of them actually takes time to master – but after mastering, when it’s all instinctive, you just know, and it might be hard to explain at that point. Sometimes explaining what you’ve mastered after mastering it can be just as hard as mastering it in the first place.
    Mastery requires assimilating the knowledge, making it implicit, instinctual, teaching requires you to bring it out once more after it’s become second-nature.

“Return of the Goblin King” – Leadership and exceptional leaders, for the demi-humans as well.

Post Episode Notes:

Log Horizon episode 15 Akatsuki anime

Well, finally the kids got together, and bonded, as well as advanced. Also a nice tie-in to tie together the three groups. Three? Shiroe and Akatsuki’s knowledge, especially considering the nobles might just want to pit the Adventurers against the demi-humans – after all, who cares if they die? They just come back. But now we know death isn’t as simple. So we’re tying together Shiroe and Akatsuki, the nobles and the rest of the Adventurers, and the kids at the shore.

Let us see politics under the threat of external pressure, let us see the humanity and initiative of the demi-humans.

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