Log Horizon Episode 13 Notes

December 28th, 2013.

Crusty Befriends a Lady Who Reminds Him of His Little Sister

The episodes lately don’t really have much content to warrant an in-depth treatment, so I’m going to watch and note a thing or two as I watch, or just note the major ideas post-episode from now on.

  1. Lady Lenessa sure comes off as pretty spoiled, but on the other hand, she’s just as silly as the rest of the cast :3
  2. They really love this joke :P – Crusty pushes his glasses, so she’s mortified and realizes he’s a bad person, heh. The power of glass-pushing compels you!
  3. “I’m not melancholic, I’m gloomy.” – This really is the melancholy of Lady Lenessa, accompanied by copious amounts of sighs.
  4. Heh, Crusty is thrusting Lady Lenessa into bothersome situations, so he could avoid them in the future. Well, she is out of her depth, he’s manipulating the situation and what is expected of her to his advantage.
  5. All those gifs you can make with Lenessia’s expressions, I hope someone’s taking note.
  6. “The resolve to be free.” – I’ve said this in numerous other places, with other shows, there’s a song in Hebrew that says “[Being] free is completely alone.” – Many might think being free means no one tells you what to do, so it’s simple, but we all have ties, endless ties which tie us to others, and thus, being free is the constant decision and declaration that you are free, that the ties might be there but they do not control you. In fact, being “free” means being aware and stretching the ropes that hold you much more often than when you go along with the ropes, of your own “free will”.

    Resolve, every moment that you are free. Resolve, to face people’s hurt, to not give in, to not be with them.

  7. Glasses turn you into villains, you’ve heard it here, folks!

Post Episode Notes:

Well, that mage appearing in the last second made quite an appearance – it’s going to end up with talking, but really, surprises and shocks are often delivered in that form. The last few words of the preview, I’ve found them to be especially significant, “The World’s Fraction”, are we talking different realms, different servers, and that other players are in these other realms? That’s quite MMO.

I quite liked Crusty, and I liked Lenessa fine as well, but the question is where do they take her story, and whether she’ll truly get an arc in which to expand her wings.

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