Log Horizon Episode 12 Notes

December 21st, 2013.

Boys Can be Dumb

Well, time for politics, as the kids “have fun” and get to grow to be big monster-killers! Well, let’s hope for lots of politics, online discussion seems to point we might get that, hurray!

Thoughts and Notes:

Heh, the power of glasses had been turned around Shiroe, “The obvious choice is Shiroe,” and he can’t refuse, once an argument for it is put forth.

That’s our Shiroe! “How to dance? Oh, it’s basically just a rhythm game!” Yes!

See, they’re affecting the world, and the world will affect them in turn, any pretense at “avoiding being political” is nothing but a pipe-dream.

Hee hee, ha ha! How interesting, we can now see how the “NPCs” thought of the “players”. The players thought of the NPCs as pre-programmed, you give them money, they give you stuff. You kill monsters for them, they give you stuff! But the NPCs thought of the players as programs too! You give them money? Then they’ll kill monsters for you, or fetch items for you from dungeons. Supposedly we have “free will”, but look at players in a game, they choose to act as if they’re just a bunch of pre-programmed entities as well.

BTW, Terry Pratchett’s “Only You Can Save Mankind!”, part of the Johnny Maxwell trilogy is a fun read.

“Boys can be so dumb” – I feel your pain, Minori. But that’s one reason Shiroe is so frightening, as the strategist, you must enforce your will! Time to get someone to make you a pair of glasses, I guess.

Although winning is nice, it’s not the point. You’re here to learn, and I’m sure if you’ll actually stop and think about what you’ve done, Randell, you’ll learn a bunch.

Post Episode Notes:

Wait, what, it’s over?! No, but we just got somewhere ;_; I really feel the pain of watching this show weekly, I feel watching it marathoned due to the pace and light-hearted nature is probably going to be better, but we’re here, and this is our cross to bear :P

I wonder if Crusty is acting in tandem with Shiroe here, or whether he’s trying to get first dibs on power from the nobles. I’ll trust all is going according to plan, for now.

Yes, it’s yet another episode of setting up, but where nothing really happens, except us seeing the characters be enjoyable to watch.

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One comment on “Log Horizon Episode 12 Notes

  1. …Hee hee, ha ha! How interesting, we can now see how the “NPCs” thought of the “players”…

    I don’t know if the author of Log Horizon consider this canon or not but in the manga “Log Horizon – Nishikaze no Ryodan” apparently for the “NPCs” the “players” were always emotionless superhuman that kills & loot the lands of monster.

    Never speak more then needed & definitely never chatted with the “NPCs” before – that’s the reason the manga given why the “players” only gets the same replies from the “NPCs” every time they speak to them. Because the “players” themselves acts very program-like before the “apocalypse”.

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