Log Horizon Episode 11 Notes

December 14th, 2013.

The Table is Set (Again) – Growth and Trust are The Issues to Come

The internal situation seemingly under control, and now we’re moving to external politics, with the people of the land being real people. Let’s see how the different parties sort things out.

Shorter Asides:

Log Horizon anime episode 11

Light-hearted and light

Thoughts and Notes:

Log Horizon anime episode 11

Serious and dark

  1. “Can adventurers live as one with the land? They create nothing. They only fight and create bloodshed.” – Considering he’s wielding a bow and arrow, this felt a very overt node to the Indians of America. Natives versus alien “invaders”. Well, now our adventurers can create.
  2. And yeah, that sequence ended ominously, as Shiroe had said – they’re underestimating this world. It’s very purposeful that after that opening sequence we move to the calm and easygoing Akihabara.
  3. How foolish of Shiroe. The declaration that you’re not going to be involved with politics is highly political. To say that withdrawing from the invitation will mean you’re not going to get caught in their politics is beyond foolish. You might escape some inner-League politics, but they might declare war on you as a whole, or some will still use you in their schemes. You’re already involved in their politics, but withdrawing does limit and change the capacity, to some regard.
  4. Interesting. Quests are sort of a limited unlimited resource – some of them every player can do just once, but every player can do them. The game is designed assuming that as you level you perform certain quests, gain certain items and skills – if players can’t get some of the rewards any longer, then basic assumptions such as “Everyone has X and thus is able to do Y” become suspect. As someone who draws plans up, Shiroe must be on top of all of this.
  5. Just like the sunset of “Log Horizon”, it’s nice that the world reminds the players that it can still impress them, still show them new things. They truly are visitors to a new land. And there’s eye-candy to be seen, to be awed by, they are not the lords of creation.
  6. This is like a game using game theory. Both sides want data, but neither side wants to reveal too much of themselves. Of course, had both sides been willing to exchange data freely, both would end with much data. Right now, both might end with next to nothing, or one side might indeed end up with more. They’ve been invited to a “dance”, and not just in the literal sense. It’s a tried and true metaphor for this sort of negotiation.

Post Episode Notes:

Two fights going on concurrently, everyone will have to do their best. Let us see what the People of the Land are up to, and how our Adventurers deal with them.

As for the new players, I am sure they will do fine – even if they “fail”, they will learn how to fail better, which means they will learn from the experience and grow. The new players’ arc is all about growth, after all. They’re forced to do a lot of it earlier than they might have in our world, but then again, everyone is forced to adapt to the new world. And that’s what Shiroe wanted.

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