Log Horizon Episode 10 Notes

December 7th, 2013.

The (Round) Table is Set; A Shape of Things to Come

Well, Shiroe had been asked point-blank – we know your goal, now tell us your plan, and the children are saved. Let’s see the plan in its entirety. Come on Shiroe, don’t be shy.

Thoughts and Notes:

Log Horizon anime episode 10

Curry is a Big Deal™

  1. Hm, “This is a new world, and we are guests, and the minority here, and it’d be prudent to conduct ourselves as such.” – Governments can’t really handle a situation where everyone rises against them. Police and military work only when it’s not against everyone. Likewise, there are 30,000 adventurers, and probably millions of people of the land. Not only that, but even with the guilds now setting to build and create things, the economy is still dependent on the people of the land.
  2. Accepting the NPCs as people, it sort of harkens to accepting rights of indigenous people who were considered non-people, or accepting the rights of animals. This truly does require a paradigm shift, of them not as simply bytes without soul. But, in the end, people agreed because it makes practical sense – they spend money, they make the world go on working, and they’d make formidable enemies. People in such games are already trained too often to mangle humanoid-shaped creatures, maybe it’s time to remember to give some respect to humanoids? Some would say it’d also affect the way they treat other adventurers.
  3. Ha! Interesting, they speak of how Shouryuu had been impressive when he rescued the children so now they are “imprinted” on him, like newborn chicks. But isn’t the same with Serara? She had been helpless, the dashing Nyanta had saved her, and now she has a crush on him :p Moving from that talk immediately to Serara thinking of Nyanta seems very deliberate here.
  4. Yup, the people of the land have agency, and not only did they get ousted by the adventurers some, and perhaps maltreated, it’d do well to enslave and take over their inventions, or their money. Well, we’ll see what happens, gonna be interesting.
  5. CURRY! Curry makes the world go around! Curry in anime seems the number one signifier of “home”, and people you like. Ok, this sort of thing is amusing, I smiled :)
  6. “Weak players welcome!” – “We want only players over level 40”, heh. Talk of bursting someone’s bubble. Show some humility, be kind to others!

Post Episode Notes:

Progress! We have a political semi-governing body! We have Log Horizon growing and friends coming over to visit, and we have inter-city, inter-“racial” intrigue. Honestly, I don’t know how to classify adventurers versus “People of the Land”, if there’s a need to differentiate. I do wonder whether People of the Land who are killed die or are resurrected as well, that might be a major point if a war were to occur, no? In general, the whole notion of “war” is quite different when people can just get back to the fight :3

This is the last time I mention it, but I’m frustrated by how slow things are going, you can choose to look at it as a testament of how much I like this show and what it deals with, but I want to get more, I want to see what’s happening! Can’t help but think we could’ve had the Eastal King appear in the middle of the episode and see where they are going with it. So slow ;_; But well, at least we get to enjoy a nice cast of characters in the meanwhile.

So, the people of the land have agency, they can make decisions. The players are finally mobilizing themselves, for food, and are actually using their brains, because until now, it being a game they were mostly consumers, what was, was, and all they could truly create were guilds and relationships with others. Now it’s time to be creators, now is the time for people to shine. A chance to bring knowledge over from the real world, in a form of “Alien Ambassador”, which is how I analyze Maoyu, the author’s other work.

Well, let’s see how we proceed from here, it definitely seems more interesting.

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