Log Horizon Episode 1 Notes

October 5th, 2013.

I’ve always been interested in comics/shows like this, so let’s see what we get.

Thoughts and Notes:

“It’s hard to assess a situation when the field of vision is reality.” Yup, all commanders would love RTS mode vision and control, as would soldiers. That’s why movies often have fights/hand to hand combat be so messy, in terms of vision shifting around. Aside from the fact that then you can’t see how things don’t really connect. I guess he’s talking about lack of HUD with mini-map here.

OP – surprisingly good. Good animation, good energy, the Engrish isn’t terrible and in fact might be worthy of the name “English”! All in all, I like it. Not great, but heads and shoulders above most shows’.

So, this person hasn’t logged in for 2 years, and he’s level 90. I wonder if they had been logged in against their decision, because “Shiro” didn’t seem to understand where he is, and some others, but this person says he logged in. Well, let’s watch some more.

Also, interesting setting. Rather than be a pure fantasy setting, it’s a post-apocalyptic setting so long into the future where magic and nature had reclaimed civilization. I wonder if there’ll be working tools, such as tanks, from our time making an appearance. And it’s more “neat”, it’s just backdrop, but it looks good.

Well, guess we know who’s our straight man in this show and who’s the comic-relief character, in this duo. But it’s nice to see they actually appreciate one another without the cliched “Oh my” sighs at one another.

Interesting, later SAO novels also talked about the relation between how good you are at controlling your character and how good you can be in fights, and those who spent more time in the game/connect to it via a more “accurate” system that can mimic things such as gravity, the feel of the ground, etc. are more likely to do well, because they can use their natural instincts. So this guy is used to being shorter, and now has problems walking because his sense of balance is off – a real sci-fi moment! I’ll take it.

Akatsuki and Naogatsu are amusing together. Sure, this isn’t the comedy of the century, but I’m chuckling. Good chemistry.

Heh, “They all taste the same” – one of the reasons the betrayer in the Matrix 1 wanted back in was for good food. Don’t underestimate how important food is.

When the guild master’s room looks like that, you can’t be surprised they’re all about the cute.

They know just enough to get around, just enough to not be completely lost. Just enough to make assumptions that are going to come back and bite them, as monsters might display skills they hadn’t before (think SAO), or they are so used to their old UI, which is now non-operational, as we saw in the beginning of the episode.

Heh, the difference in outlook between active and reactive:

How long are we going to just sit here?

How long are they going to just sit there?

“It’s hard to enter commands while monsters are running at you!” – he needs a hand for his shield, a hand for his sword, and a hand for entering commands. Things just got much rougher. They should’ve used that potion to create a third hand, heh.

Hm, their bodies complete the commands on their own – this is again similar to SAO, makes sense – you use your body to begin the motion associated with the command, and the game takes over and completes it for you. Sensible solution, so not surprising to see it appear more than once.

ED – A bit grating, but again, it’s not bad.

Post Episode Thoughts:

  1. It’s nice that we have a group of people, working together from the get-go. The chemistry between the characters, that they are actual friends, and play well off-of one another when it comes to comedy is very good. I’m going to enjoy listening to these people.
  2. Actual Sci-fi thoughts, another thing I appreciate. The preview promised more “In this world where we aren’t even allowed to die.”, and of course, having people act like brats – this is an MMO after all, so we need to have our griefers, and to see how people react and recreate civilization in this sort of situation – especially since PVP is not automatically enabled according to the information screen we’ve been seeing.
  3. This is going to be fun. How serious it’d be, how deep it’d delve into its ideas, remains to be seen. But this first episode was very promising, and I’m very much on board.

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