Kyousougiga Episode 8 Notes

December 9th, 2013.

Koto is Koto – Even if All The Worlds Were to End!

Daddy’s back, and mommy had a terrible premonition. I would have written “Let’s see how they resolve this,” but if you read any of my write-ups you’ll see how I keep stressing the point that in families, there are no resolutions.

Last episode, with Lady Koto realizing the shrine tried to isolate Myoue the elder, and with the preview showing the head priest coming over, it’s going to be very interesting. So let’s see where they take it from here.


  1. The Akira music continues, as the head priest laments. This show can definitely deliver on some symbolism-setting “porn” – look at the stars hovering above, and the city underneath, as they sit in their office.
  2. They really left us hanging. We see Yakushimaru and Koto running around, but we don’t know what happened between the parents :O
  3. Man, the way the first half of the episode ended with the techni-colour skies, the eclipse in the doorway, and the portal opening? You could end an episode like this, this was impressive.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Koto Is Impulsive, Koto is Kind. Koto Hurts, and Koto Stands Triumphant. The Unconquered Koto:

Kyousougiga / Kyousogiga / Capital Craze anime episode 8

Koto Invictus!

  1. Koto always acts as if she doesn’t care what she breaks, and is quick to act and use her hammer, but she’s not a bad kid – when it hits her, it hits hard.
  2. Koto, you are awesome. Koto re-centers herself through a shout, and reminds herself that she is a woman of action, of never-ending energy. She will not sit and mope, but she will set things right. Anything else would be terribly un-Koto-like, and it will not do.
  3. Born between a God and a Buddha. Well, guess the Bodhisattva’s body truly was her body, including the womb.
  4. And the hits keep on coming – not only what Koto had done, including releasing her mother, which she now regrets – and what a terrible thing to regret; but her mere birth. How family is it, to make someone regret being born… How terrible a burden.
  5. I wonder, if Koto had received her mother’s powers, then are her visions True Visions, or is this just her fears being made manifest? Regardless, that’s not a picture I’d relish seeing within my mind – all of my friends and family wallowing in their blood, and my hands bloodied.

2) The Shape of The Truth – How Worlds Are Born, How Worlds Die:

Kyousougiga / Kyousogiga / Capital Craze anime episode 8

The original sin

  1. They’re treating Koto like a child, but she can’t help just say what she thinks. Look how he is paternalistic towards her. We’ve had our share of “father-figures” in this show, hadn’t we? But he’s a Buddhist priest, isn’t he? To him learning to accept what can’t be changed is something he had already mastered. I wonder then, why did he want to reach this world, that’s about to be destroyed, then?
  2. Well, if Inari isn’t going to explain things, then yes, please explain it to us Mr. Head Priest. We’re now talking about original sin – something began by a sin, as a sin – this place’s creation, and its continued existence had been an aberration against the laws of the universe, and now it must be excised from existence. All the people who had lived here had lived on borrowed time to begin with.
  3. You know, many things are still unclear – if Inari is an “Observer”, then where did he get his power? Inari is either a God or a Buddha, by Inari’s familiars, so why must he obey the shrine? Because even Gods have duties in these religions, and if a person were to perform the correct rites, then they must adhere to them, they aren’t truly “above” the laws, they must obey just like everyone else, or pay, just like everyone else. What is clear though is that the Head Priest is not to be trifled with – the God and the Buddha must obey. Father figures everywhere.
  4. I know it hurts Koto, but right now it’s this place, or all places.
  5. Here is something I wonder though – the shrine looked askew at Myoue the Elder, and his family, if he had such a role, why didn’t they just let him play house, but in the real world? Whose fault is it, which is the first sin? The shrine’s, Myoue the Elder’s? Does it truly matter, with a world, or all-worlds, on the brink of destruction?
  6. Well, the Head Priest sure has his idea on what’s the original sin for this predicament – Koto wanted to find her home, and she had destroyed it, she wanted to find her mother, and she’s killing her. Ah, Koto, poor Koto.

3) Time Passes But No-One Changes – A Family of Immortals:

Kyousougiga / Kyousogiga / Capital Craze anime episode 8

Hell hath no fury like a mother protecting her children.

  1. In episode 6’s writeup, my first point had been “Myoue the Elder is a child”, and look at them now – Inari (Myoue the Elder) is avoiding the hard discussion, going “But”, and Lady Koto has to scold him. Men always look for women who will mother them, the saying goes, and it definitely seems to apply with the two Myoues.
  2. “Father, we are no longer children. Isn’t it time you told us what’s going on?” – First, you are still children. You should read my writeups about you Kurama, you’re all stuck in the past, waiting for your parents to come back and take care of you, or to usurp them just to show how “grown up” you are. Second, I think we’d all love to find out what’s going on, heh.
  3. Inari is sort of like Dr. Frankenstein – he marvels at what his childrens do, he is like a scientist who is happy to be surprised by his creations – his children. Lady Koto though, she is losing her family, and she iswroth. Losing memories is truly like losing the person, and it’s all too symbolic – for Yase is the one who cherished her mementos, who cherished her memories. Unless, the physical objects had been her memories, and them going away means her memories do as well – unless it has to do with them as his drawings.
  4. Ha! Last week I said – Myoue to Myoue, Koto to Koto. Inari gave Myoue the younger his role, his powers, and his blood. Koto had entrusted within her daughter her name, her blood (obviously), her task of looking after Inari, and now we see that she had transferred her powers as well. Families are cycles. I said that Lady Koto had given everything to Koto, but I didn’t expect it to be everything like this – but it truly fits the theme which I’ve discussed so often.
  5. Big brother Myoue, who had been baby brother Myoue up until now. Myoue who wanted his parents, who must now be Koto’s surrogate parent. Myoue reminds Koto that she is Koto, just like she had reminded herself before.

Final Note: Koto drives a hard bargain, she will not accept her search ending fruitlessly. Help save the aberration, or there will be nothing to save. Do you want to argue with the God-Buddha child who wields Aratama, the All-Destroying Hammer? “No point if it ends here,” she says, but every beginning must have an end, so which end will you accept, Koto of mine?

Post Episode Notes:

Well, this was different. I honestly don’t know what to expect in the next episode, thematically. This is a show about family, but right now it seems the Mythological Fable aspect had kicked into overdrive. But still, all the goals, all the causes, the origin and the terminus, they’re all pointing in the direction of family.

The mythical aspect is interesting though, we now have added original sin on top of everything else. Do I expect us to truly understand all the powers that are, how the worlds operate? I doubt it, but it’s also not very relevant to the story that is actually told.

Much of what happened in this episode had been a slight re-affirmation of themes already covered, of strengthening the characters’ personalities, in case we’ve missed things such as Myoue the Elder being a spoiled child. There wasn’t actually much new ground covered this episode in terms of themes or character personalities, but the characters understanding the situation is probably necessary for them to move forward, if they can.

(21 screenshots taken, so here is a link to the album.)

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