Kyousougiga Episode 7 Notes

November 30th, 2013.

Families are about failing, but also trying. Families are about cycles without end.

Well, Koto and Koto meet. Koto got eaten by the rusty mecha and there’s some weird moon-thingy, but we reallydon’t know the laws of this universe, so I’m just gonna focus on what makes sense :3

Thoughts and Notes:

This time I did give sub-headers, but since the order is truly relevant, I didn’t move points around. Forgive me, but I feel it is necessary.

1) Family is Caring:

  1. They care for Koto, they think of her as family. They use her, but they have given her a choice, they use her, but they don’t see any other option. They used her, but this doesn’t mean they don’t care.

2) Re-union Time!

Kyousougiga / Capital Craze anime episode 7

Mama’s here! Even old Kurama is giddy!

  1. “Welcome home!” – Look how happy everyone is that mom’s back, KuramaMyoue, and Yase. Mama’s back, we’re not alone together any longer. The whole world rejoiced. Though Kurama looks eager, Myoue looks dumbstruck, and Yase is being emotional.
  2. Weird, she comes to Koto and hugs her, and then goes, “You’re really Koto, eh?” – I guess meeting a pleasant dream can be nice as well. I’m not sure if it’s only that she met her, and now has a hard time containing and accepting it, because this is Kyousougiga, it could easily be that she thought she’d been some sort of fake.
  3. Koto is the best tomboy, she just met mama, she won’t let any harm come to her. I bet this is Kurama trying to capture mom and bring her back. Unless it’s the real-earth shrine, or even the Bodhisattva, and fate, in which case – Koto just smashed fate, which I wouldn’t put past her and this show, honestly.
  4. Interesting, Kurama and Yase refer to her as “Koto” and not “Mother” – is this to show they are adults now, that they are equal to her? We all know this is a lie. We all know how they longed for her presence, for her power. There is no symmetry here.
  5. Everyone is staring. It’s not everyday you meet your God. Well, she’s not Myoue the elder, but close enough. And even if they don’t know her, they can see the triumvirate following her lead. Well, they doknow her.
  6. Hee! Kurama is such a cute nerd. He has his tech-lab, and then his mother who knows nothing about technology comes, asks questions and presses buttons. I think many of us had been in that situation :)
  7. In case you hadn’t noticed, Yase is usually as tall as Myoue, to stand as an equal. Now that her mother is around, she shrunk to be small. She, like her siblings, is truly mother’s child. Of course, in the case of Myoue, not only is he a creation of his father, he even contains his father. Well, some would say all kids are that way.
  8. Well, everything rebuilding itself sure is handy with Yase’s tantrums :O Well, I can understand Yase – she came, she saw everyone’s “alright” and now she plans to leave. Myoue for one is certainly not alright. Of course everyone seems happy right now, you’re here, dear Koto.

3) Time for Farewells – The Helpless Children:

Kyousougiga / Capital Craze anime episode 7

Families are about cycles you can’t break out of, and handing down obligations.

  1. Also, quite a predicament for the children – mother can’t stay if father isn’t here, by the same logic even if they find their father, then he won’t stay because mother wouldn’t be there… except, as the narrator says in the opening “In a time when the line between human and deities was unclear.” – I’m sure Myoue the elder could bring Koto along, if he wished to return. That’s the real question – why didn’t they return? Koto waited for Myoue, but what did Myoue wait for? It’s all about his decisions, the parental monumental presence that every other orbits, within the show’s world. And he, he chose to orbit Koto, after she had chosen to orbit him. A love-story.
  2. “How did you get here? How will you return?” – They are helpless in this cosmology, they don’t know the laws. Everything up to now had been a gamble.
  3. That tinkling version of the theme song, as the stars tinkle ahead, and mother and daughter spend a tinklingly beautiful moment together, almost brings a tear to my eye. But that which can tinkle, may yet break.
  4. “When I first saw you, I thought you were the priest.” – The priest being Myoue the elder, for those who don’t know. At least that explains it. Life is hard when you’re dealing with immortal shapeshifters, eh?
  5. Yup. They had all been waiting for Myoue. Not just the children, but mother did as well. I wonder then, at the rabbit whom Koto had seen when Myoue was asleep. Then again, that is sort of how they came to be together to begin with – with Koto taking some initiative, wishing to see her beloved priest.
  6. As Myoue passed his duties to the 2nd Myoue, his son, so does Koto pass her desires to the 2nd Koto, her daughter. She had come to Myoue because she loved him, but also to save him, to open him, and now she surmises he is locked once more within his overactive and world-building imagination, so a Koto is needed once more, to reclaim him to the (not entirely mortal) world. This is a story about a family, of inheriting duties and dreams. Though… Koto the elder saved Myoue the elder, I wonder if she’s not actually telling Koto the younger to save Myoue the younger, who is trapped in his old dreams, in his nightmares.
  7. Poor Kurama, nothing happened which he didn’t expect, so he set about creating change, but now that events are progressing, things occur which he did not predict. This is what happens when you mess with a world whose laws you don’t even half-understand. It’s as if the doors to the mysteries of the universe opened before his eyes, and now? Now, someone is coming through. Some would say it is like Fullmetal Alchemist, but I’ll draw our attention to an earlier source – Lovecraft’s Mythos (Cthulhu), and the moral of that world is how terribly small we are.

4) Family is Caring, But Missing the Point – Koto’s Burden:

Kyousougiga / Capital Craze anime episode 7

Welcome to life, welcome to /families/.

  1. All I have is the future.” – And look how gloomy she is. Why would one be gloomy? Usually, when someone says such a sentence, they talk of how their past is gone, destroyed, or how they need to atone for some past deed, but Koto “simply” doesn’t have a past, so why such gloom? Because she doesn’t really know who she is, who dad is, what her family is. It’s a hard thing, to feel lost, to feel abandoned. I also find it really interesting – I’d have pegged the three siblings as being all about the past, true, but I thought Koto being all about the present. Now she intimates that she acted in the present because she has no past.
  2. Yes, that’s the real reason Koto is scared. When you have a past, good or bad, you know what you have. When all you have is the future, and you have no idea of what it’ll include, you essentially have nothing. But, again, none of them have a present, which is why everyone was looking for mom. Not just for the missing past/future, but also to have a present, to enjoy the moment.
  3. ;_; – Koto is just a child. Everyone is trying to recreate their childhood, while not noticing that what they are doing is not letting Koto be a child, like they once had an opportunity to be, the best time of their lives. Everyone just thinks of themselves, poor Koto. They use her, and although they care for her, which is the note I opened this episode’s notes with, they still do not understand her, and thus, fail to actually take her own wishes into consideration. They use her, her uncaring older siblings, who care, but mostly care about themselves. This is what happens when you spend centuries thinking only of yourself. Welcome to families, where even if you care about others, you sometimes forget to ask them what they think, and be considerate.

5) The End-Times are Upon Us:

Kyousougiga / Capital Craze anime episode 7

Destruction and change coming to a world without change.

  1. That music as Sensei-Father came to the room, that chant, it made me think of Akira, and I don’t know what else – this is The Revelation, this is God.
  2. That hellish backdrop, the troubled waking up, as if from a nightmare, to a nightmare. Shit’s going down, boys. And then she talks of it – after all, she had the Bodhisattva’s eyes, she could see the future. This is indeed as she had dreamed, the end of the world, which she had tried to avert by leaving – but you can’t escape fate, Koto.
  3. Look at these shotslook at all of them. “The End is Here!” they shout. In this world where nothing could break, nothing could end, everything is now breaking away, everything is drifting off. This is the time of reckoning.
  • “Families” is how I titled this last screenshot – “Man, nothing ever changes.” – And this from Kurama, who had tried to bring about change, but that’s the thing about families – even as time passes and everyone changes, they have a tendency to repeat the same cycles, the same circles, and isn’t that a large part of what the handing of roles between the Myoues and Kotos had been about?
  • The mural on the wall, and how Koto made her way in – she used the hammer which can break this world to make a way into it, so, she, erm, broke the world :s (The writing was on the wall, and then it broke :p)
  • Next episode’s preview makes it seem like we’ll finally get some answers, well, mythological answers – the human story is quite clear, and very touching.
Kyousougiga / Capital Craze anime episode 7

Families – the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Post Episode Notes:

I’m going to keep this one brief. This is a show about family, the show even tells us that in its intro, each and every week. This episode had been the most about family of them all. It’s about being a younger sister, about being older siblings, it’s about wishing for your parents, and how to try and relate to them when you’re not a kid anymore, though to them you’ll always be a kid, and to you they’d always be your parents.

This is an episode about the inevitable cycles which we cannot escape, just as the brothers cannot escape this world, or their past selves, or how the show is telling us about the present using the past. Koto has no past, so she has nothing to escape, nothing to tether her down, but also nothing to come back to and comfort her.

This is an episode about family, in a show about family, as the stars look from above – until they come crashing down, that is.

(I took 22 screenshots this time, here’s a link to the album.)

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