Kyousougiga Episode 4 Notes – Yase’s Story

November 3rd, 2013.

Yase’s story, which reflects on how one reacts to abandonment, by letting go of nothing.

Well, this seems to be Yase’s episode. They call her the “demon”, but to me the images conjured make me think of the high fae of Europe, the wild hunt, the faerie courts. You know how people say this show is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland? Yase can grow and shrink, and Yase is capricious. Yase is both Alice and the Queen of Hearts.

Thoughts and Notes:

Very church-y music as Koto says goodbye to Yase, as the snow falls.

1) “My stuff won’t fix itself if you break it with your hammer.” – Interesting, hammer-broken stuff doesn’t fix itself. Also, they have things they just toss out, things which can heal themselves. Well, we did see there’s actual progress in this world, which even mirrors the technological advances of the supposedly locked outside world, though we’ve seen some people from outside find their way in.

Her hammer seems to have priority over the laws of this world – then again, so do people, who get to age, or at least some of them, including the three siblings.

2) Yase seems to be a hoarder, she clings to things, so no wonder she doesn’t like the Station Opening – you know what else was unneeded and left behind? Yase and her siblings. You know who else simply went away like the items? Her parents. I do wonder if they’ll show us the “Station Opening”, and why no one leaves through it, unless some do.

Ah, Mary Douglas on uncleanliness again – trash is something not in its place, something that doesn’t belong – so long to Yase all these things aren’t trash, then they aren’t.

A tree in a drawer, splendid. Now we’re in Narnia :3

The items are Yase’s memories. Of course there are mementos, but there’s something to be said for treating the items not just as symbols of one’s memories, but the memories themselves – the items are unchanging, especially in contrast with Yase’s protean shape.

3) Is it just me, or was Yase talking about Koto (her mother) a very Disney moment?

4) Ah, siblings. Yase doesn’t forget, and that means Yase doesn’t forgive. In Yase’s demon-heart there’s a void, which is filled with demon-rage.

5) I wonder where Yase’s “Friends” come from, had someone drawn them as well? It’s a weird place, the mirror-capital.

6) This show really does repeat a lot of scenes/moments, but it gives it a fairy tale feeling, those cycles that keep repeating.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Definitely liked this more than Kurama’s episode, in terms of atmosphere, even if we learnt less of the world and the mysteries. Next episode is Myoue the younger’s, the final sibling. I’ve said it before, it’s nice how we use the present to explain the past, and that in turn helps explain the present – Myoue’s episode seems like it’d be especially relevant to the present though, and to Koto.

And then we’ll have 5.5 OVA, hm.

Such a nice show :3

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