Kyousougiga Episode 3 Notes – Kurama’s Story

October 27th, 2013.

Kurama’s story, where we reflect on past grievances and our plans for the future.

So, we’re going to talk about scientists and learn more about the world this episode, about Mirror Kyoto, and perhaps the real world’s scientists as well, are we? I honestly don’t know what this show will throw at us, so let’s just dive in.

1) They set up rules as children, to stop the sense of abandonment, to feel together. That they still cling to them today? Some would say it’s because they’re still children, or that they fear to revert to their loneliness should the laws be removed – but isn’t much of laws about doing it because you’ve been doing it all this time, and also to cut down on frightening possibilities? Aren’t we all children kept happy in the long dark hours by the seeming sanctity of laws? That’s also a large reason why we come down so heavily on those who break laws – not just for the actions which we forbade, but for threatening the laws themselves – we feel as children.

2) That vibrant music playing as the three siblings talk and quarrel – I don’t even know what sense it fills me with, except of movement, and wonderment. Such a family.

Again, such great atmosphere when Koto has her tea with Kurama in the tiny room, and a lot of it has to do with the music. I really can’t wait for this show’s OST.

3) Koto with scientist-girl (Shouko) is a large part of what made me think “FLCL” in episode 0. That boundless sense of action and movement. Even if nothing happens, and the location doesn’t move, it feels we’re moving very fast, it’s a question of the tone the characters inspire.

4) “When two places have similar needs, it makes sense for their appearances to be similar.” – Form follows function, in other words.

5) In other words, Kurama plans to use Koto to break out of his haven, out of his heaven, out of his hell, out of his prison – the world he rules.

Kyousougiga / Capital Craze - Scroll of Past Events

This scroll seems important.

6) Oooooh, that scroll – Kurama only wants to meet other people, and filled with childish curiosity he goes to the outside world, to see what it’s like – that’s where the monks notice him and the family has to take flight. That’s the 2nd episode in a row where the show isn’t Alice in Wonderland, but Pandora’s Box – similar to Koto’s desire to sneak into the locked room where Rabbit Koto and the drawing of the Mirror-Kyoto reside. But this time, there had been a price.

7) Oh my, the discussion between Kurama and the other scientist – seems he’s one of those data-people from the external world? Perhaps even the who butted heads with little Koto? How did he find his way into the mirror-world? What exactly is special about Kouto? And what do all these clowny men in white do aside from look after Shouko? I suspect nothing, heh.

Shorter Asides:

Post Episode Note:

Another good episode. But weirder, less heartfelt moments, less background, and more manic action. Next episode seems to be Yase’s. When we deal with family-driven shows, I guess it’s alright to have an episode per character of the family.

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