Kyousougiga Episode 2 Notes

October 20th, 2013.

  • They start this episode as they ended the previous one, I wonder if this is the opening they’ll keep every episode, and perhaps they’ll also keep showing it at the end – no clue, will only find out next week :)
  • And of course, “Alice’s adventures in wonderland & Through the Looking Glass” – I might have to brush up on the latter at some point, it’s such a philosophically dense book >.> I have an illustrated copy, hm. Even more similarities, or perhaps a reason for some similarities, with Mawaru Penguindrum.
  • The voice of her master is the same as that of the Myoues’ – also, being told he’ll be back shortly and then not returning, a recurring theme for the owner of this voice, for the parent figure, in this show.
  • Red eyes, just like her namesake, the black rabbit.
  • Koto’s an adorable child. Kumiyia Rie voicing an actual child is much better. This and Happy from Fairy Tail – she’s earning back some grades from me :3
  • I also like how they’re not afraid to cut these things into chapters, including multiple ones per episode, and tell us what they think each chapter is.
  • “It wasn’t a fight! He was no match for me!” – Yup! You can’t have an argument or a fight if one side can’t reply to anything you throw at them, that’s just a beat-down. I love Koto-chan. So cute. And no, not that way, at all. Learn that this word has more meanings. She’s cute like little kids can be, which is much cuter when you don’t have to deal with them yourself or can hand them back to their parents when you tire of them :p
  • “What are you going to do if I lose the data?” and he got digitized from shock after she smacked him. In this show, never assume you know where the lines between real, virtual and fake lay, ho ho ho.
  • This show flat-out told us that it’s about family, Koto’s aunts and uncles, and they are treating her as such would, are quite a sight to behold, a nice one. A horrible one. That’s family.
  • You can also see how the familiars are turning from bratty older brothers to bratty younger brothers, especially if you’ve watched episode 0.
  • “Oy, I didn’t mean it like that.” – in the end, he always compares himself to Koto, this Hachiman. If you pick on someone every day, then they are important to you, in the simple fact that you think of them every day. I don’t think this is the case with Hachiman – as I watched them fight I smiled thinking of children’s play – he didn’t mean to actually offend her. She’s his rival, but that only works because she is his peer.
  • Koto walking in the empty house – a great sense of direction, to actually show us her walking through all these scenes. Small moment? Sure, but often that’s where you notice a great directorial touch :)
  • Another famous story, about the locked room that the female character answers when no one is home – one is Bluebeard, about the wife-killing husband, and the other is Pandora, with the box… One ended well for the character, and in fact saved her, while the other nearly damned the whole world.
  • Koto and Koto. I got the fuzzies inside. That was a good moment. I knew they’d show tears rolling down sensei’s face under the mask though, as soon as we saw him with the mask half on his face.
  • Awww, she called him Papa! Also, they both have red eyes, which made others wonder if she’s even human. Also, to be called after the one he loves enough to cry, some stories paint it as a sad thing, I think she should be happy for it. That is, if he named her, which we don’t really know, but I suspect is how things happened.
  • I know I’m throwing this in the middle, but episode 5.5 and 10.5 should contain material from the OVA/ONA, and where and how they will choose to let us glimpse into that world, that telling fascinates me – how much do we not know? How much will we get thrown off into wild fantasies as a result? How much will be obfuscated as a result of truths revealed? I wonder, and I can’t wait.
  • “On the other side of the mirror, where memories come to die.” – I wanted to just throw it out there, but now I must reflect on it some – are the kids left behind basically left there to die, or to die as memories? Will Myoue and Koto returning mean the death of the memory, of the place? But, perhaps if the memory of the never-changing place dies, new memories, new life, can finally come into being?
  • Interesting, using the exact same sequence from episode 0 as they talk, but with completely different lines, and without everything blowing up just yet.
  • I wonder what little Koto makes of Myoue the younger and her papa looking the same, if she even thinks of it – then again, this is a mirror world.

Post episode thoughts? Don’t make me laugh, I’m just here for the ride. And what a ride it is.

Next episode preview already has me thinking – the Firstborn has scientists, and so does the shrine back in the “real” world, and they are dressed in the negative colour. Hm.

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