Kyousougiga Episode 1 Notes

October 20th, 2013:

So, the narrator told us Myoue chose to retire – is the narrator untrustworthy? Because the priests said they banished him, though they could be wrong/lying, including to cover for their pride, of course.

Show is so very Mawaru Penguindrum – not just in composition and art, but the way the story is told, the thematic weaves used to transfer information, the inability to tell symbolic from real and imagined, the ways the characters speak to one another even!

If Kurama isn’t human, then what is he?

And now we know what land we live in, and why it seems normal Kyoto got invaded by bizarre, it’s inside the drawing. And inside the drawing, the drawing-kids are as real as anything.

“There’s nothing I don’t like.” “You’re just feeling insecure because you’re completely satisfied.” – in other words, when everything’s perfect, he can only lose, by anything changing. And the world doesn’t feel real, what if it’ll all disappear in a puff of smoke?

There must be a king in the land, there must be a Myoue, so the world will not fall apart.

And now the prophecy of the mother is upon them, but without the parents to come and aid them.

Post Episode Notes:
Wow, this was different. The end with the PV makes me think that the shrine didn’t forget about our dear family, but it also makes you wonder if Koto and Myoue the elders did anything to attract said attention again.

There were so many themes, so many moods going on here. Do I have any idea where this show is going? Not in the slightest. But this was seriously enchanting, though I might be a bit unpopular in saying I wouldn’t be against more of the episode 00 spectacle.

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