Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 8 Notes

November 20th, 2013.

Where people’s thoughts are spoken, and the shape of the questions begins to form:

I had a really rough day, the construction workers renovating the insulation of my house cut into the main power line, so I spent too many hours without electricity when I can scarcely lose one. Wish today’s episode was episode 6, but seems we’re finally getting to the dark plotty part of the plot. Let’s see what we get.

Thoughts and Notes:

“To be frank, I spent 7 hours debating whether you’d look better in green frames or rimless frames.” – KyoAni pls ಠ_ಠ

Wait, their teacher is the lady Onee-sama asked over and then locked in the barrier :o

Ah, so that’s why the teacher is taking time off, she’s going to fight youmu non-stop and earn moneys!

Purple tentacles are always a sign of evil. Just ask Cthulhu :3

You know what I thought as Izumi made both the teacher and Akihito sleep? That the ice effect was so very similar to the manifestation of The Calm, creating a frozen mirror across the ground as it spread from the sea.

Sakura, with her dead voice and lack of manners is expected to be the voice of reason in the show, to just utter truths all the other characters keep dancing around, verbally touching without ever grasping. I still feel her character’s treatment is ham-fisted, and this isn’t helping.

So, Ai has two tales, and this has the full allotment, so Ai and her are of the same variety? Will Ai look like Ayaka when she grows up? Did Ayaka look like Ai when she was younger? :O

Post Episode Notes:

Let’s begin with one big reason there are so few notes – the first ten minutes had been more or less nothing but comedy. KyoAni had been really hitting us with non-stop “moments”, but this time they didn’t feel heavy, or detracting from anything else. I think there are a couple of reasons for this

  1. This is what I’ve come to expect from the show, comedy with some minor plot advancement, rather than expect plot advancement and thus be disappointed when comedy arrives. Expectations are everything.
  2. It feels true to the characters, but beyond that, it felt natural. This is what KyoAni does best, so sit back and appreciate it.

We did get some more plot advancement in the end, if we can call it that – people had been revealing their faces which we’ve known them to bear throughout the whole show, and rather than get any answers, we finally get some of the questions which drive the whole show – knowing the answers (Mirai arrives in the city, Akihito is half-youmu, the Nase do not get along with the Society) is nothing compared to actually finding out what the right questions to ask are.

Mirai had been growing on my this episode, she seemed alright. I didn’t like Sakura however. She feels like a big plot device, and her character can only be defined as “over-the-top wooden.” – I wonder if Mirai seems so natural and “flowing” because a much more wooden character is finally introduced ;-) More seriously, that Sakura is the voice of the authors to confront characters about what they think and feel and are unwilling to admit though it’s clear to everyone is probably necessary, though it’d have been preferable for the characters to say these things on their own.

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