Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 7 Notes

November 13th, 2013.

Mirai Finds Her Resolve; Sakura Finds Her Home:

So, the time for fun it’s over, and it’s back to work for us! Let’s see what the gang is up to this episode, preview promised Sakura.


Thoughts and Notes:

Ah, after we see some Sakura, and feel the dark vibes, we’re immediately transposed to a little scene that shouts “HOME”, and comfort. The loneliness and darkness contrasted with the togetherness and light atmosphere. And soon the two girls of the two places will meet – Mirai who is together but feels she does not belong, and Sakura who is alone but her memories and desires are all of being together with another.

Sakura definitely isn’t a shounen hero, her power coming from a weapon. So, she must strike a careful balance, and defeat youmu without expending more power than she gains for their defeat, assuming it’s not just an “X days” sort of things.

Ok, good to know, it took his energy because that’s what the weapon does, not just because he’s a youmu, unless there’s a consistency-error here when he’s holding it again.

“I can’t let you kill me Sakura, but it’s not because I don’t want to die, but because I can’t let you carry that weight!” – Pffffffffft.

I wasn’t very convinced by Sakura’s acting in the end, after her fight with Mirai, the acting was wooden and lacked emotion, well, not just emotion, but any inflection at all. Episode 5 had the same happen with Mitsuki, who doesn’t show much emotion in her voice in general either, dunno if it’s intentional or the director is just sort of not noticing :(

“The Calm” along a yawning Akihito and a grinning and dancing skeleton, how symbolic. Also, this is a common theme in many shows – someone wishes to return to a time and comfort and then stay there, which is understandable, but then you have someone who goes crazy and tries to stifle any change, in order to return/keep their lost ones – anime shows usually made them insane, literally, until the hero can make them see that one must go forward, that one cannot stay stagnant, and they then die crying, showing they’ve always known this and only wanted their loved one back.

I don’t think that’s what’s going on here, and is merely a tool, unless The Calm is actually a youmu which stands for that understandable desire of people.

Also, suspicious man of the Bauru is even more suspicious, dun dun duuun!

Post Episode Thoughts:

I think this might be the Mirai in the books, the determined Mirai who knows what she wants to do, and it actually makes sense. Sakura’s acting is more than a tad wooden, for the very few lines she actually had, so I suppose that works out better.

This episode didn’t have a lot actually happen in it, but I doubt it could’ve been done differently. A solid and workmanlike episode, and the two-stooges with their comedy act is probably still the best part of the episode. I think the show is trying to juggle a few too many characters without first solidifying how we feel about any of them. We love Ai because she’s so cute though, no doubt about it.

Well, let’s see what goes on now, it seems we might have some actual crisis on our hand, but I doubt it’d stop KyoAni from filling our time with banter and cute fidgeting, because, well, they’re KyoAni :p

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