Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 6 Notes

November 6th, 2013.

The Great Dancing Musical Episode:

So, seems we’ll have a filler sort of episode, but since the relationships between the characters are to me a large part of what this show is missing, anything that helps them formulate and deepen can only help.

Thoughts and Notes:

“A petite, demure damsel in glasses. I could see how you might be the type that’s a hit with boring guys who can’t express their feelings.” – And let us not forget, who is clumsy and often in need of rescuing.

So, here’s a very real question – if Akihito is all about the glasses, when he gets intimate with a girl, he can’t have them take the glasses off? That could be a bother. But since he lives in fantasy-land (meaning his imagination, not anime), then I guess it doesn’t matter, or perhaps is even strengthened by remaining an unattainable goal.

Now I honestly wonder, why did it take so much money to grow the Bonsai? Or did she buy them at that size and it was expensive? Would love to hear from someone who knows something about bonsai trees.

Considering Mirai can use long range attacks, why doesn’t she? The answer is obvious, this episode is about being light-hearted, just like in SitComs there are often obvious answers no one goes for – this is such an episode, where the goal is to have an arbitrary obstacle and see humor that arises as a result.

Haha! The small raccoon beasty with the gas-mask is too much, haha.

Mirai looks so much like a tapir, heh. (Tapir reference image)

Those two dorks laughing at their own jokes with one another, or all the still shots when someone reacts to the stench – Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 6, or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the comedy. Honestly, this show would be much better if it gave up all pretensions to a real plot and just gave us comedy. A Baka to Test of sorts.

Mirai, switching from “Fuyukaidesu” (unpleasant) to “Fusaidesu” (stink”, hm. Neat, but not funny enough :P

That sports-show/shounen parody, with Hiromi saying how he will never give up after his family honour had been tarnished, and Mitsuki’s eyes glimmering as she says “Onii-chan!” – It’s obviously a parody.

“One week later” – wait, Mitsuki stank all week long? Well, she can’t smell it, and she had the cage, so guess it’s alright. Also, comedy-logic, not logic-logic.

Is it just me? But it’s like this moment had only been made so they could sell figures of the cast in these clothes, just like the music part of Haruhi…

Post Episode Notes:

This might be the episode I enjoyed the most of the show – the humor, the parody, the very real Haruhi Suzumiya feel – both in moments you feel are made to make you think of that show, including overt marketing moments, and the actual levity in the show.

That’s also quite an issue with the show – if the show was a true-blue comedy, and all it was interested in was making us laugh, ala Baka to Test, because it did this so well – but comedy is actually hard. Thing is, with the whole mystery thing? We not only don’t really know anything, but I’m not impressed by constantly being shown there are shapes behind the screen. I am also not impressed with the characters, their relationships, or the “banter”. See, I either need plot or characters to keep me vested, or humor.

I think KyoAni aren’t really interested in proper mystery/drama shows for the most part, or they wouldn’t have changed the show as they did – they are interested in moe, and gloss, and sweet eye and brain-candy, rather than proper meals – this show was so well done in part because I bet they had a lot of fun creating it. But if this is what they want to make, then this is what they should make – the moe and comedy suffer from having empty-inside relationships and would-be-mysteries, and those suffer from lacking any real gravitas.

The show needs to decide what it wants to be, and KyoAni are actually good these days at making only one of these shows, which isn’t where most of the time had been spent, or what the show had been billed as – or is it? Because honestly, most of the show-time had been spent on witty-banter and people stammering and staring at one another, rather than any actual “content”.

But still, this is the most fun I had with the show thus far, and that might actually be an issue :3

Well, next week is back to the “plot”, with Sakura and more backstory. The question is how much ground we’ll actually cover.

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