Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 5 Notes

October 30th, 2013.

KyoAni Deliver Maximum Slice of Life:

Finally, a true relationship between Mirai and Akihito can begin, now it just remains to be seen if KyoAni desire it to be so; even as Akihito reveals to us his “friends” are only his guardians, and he sure does pity himself.

Shorter Asides:

  • “That perfect nose of hers says, ‘Glasses go here!'” – Oh my.
  • Akihito feels something is suspicious about Mr. Society! Dun dun duuun! KyoAni is really good at small mannerisms, such as biting his thumbnail, BTW.
  • Izumi-san should probably do something about Mirai’s financial situation, having taken that pretty rock last episode.
  • The Natsume family seem especially proficient at setting up barriers.
  • Mirai, you so Kawaii.
  • Hm, what exactly did Sakura do with the defeated youmu?

Thoughts and Notes:

1) “Ditching nobles”, huh, I’m not even sure what that’s supposed to mean, translator-san ;_;

“Mitsuki sure is taking her dearie time.” Erm, erm…

2) “Mirai, the gardening lover.” – just so we’re clear, that’s a bit of characterization, but not character. It’s equivalent to “List quirks of your character,” in character-generation. Well, it might still go places, and it’s a small point, since mostly it was an excuse to see Kawaii Mirai, and banter with Akihito :p

3) Whenever we see Mitsuki thus far in the episode the camera is moving sharply, jarringly. It could be cutting down on animation, but it could also to show her mood, which is sharpish, agitated.

That cold and blank stare Mitsuki has. I can’t tell if it’s because she is keeping her emotions down/her face blank, or because someone didn’t pay the animators. The shot and movement of Mitsuki this episode just feel weird.

4) The downside to KyoAni’s mastery of mannerisms and small moments is that while they can feel great, you can also easily spend a couple of minutes with about ten words uttered – and usually it’s not due to characters being so comfortable around one another, but the opposite. Oh well, I know I usually find a faint smile on my lips after these moments – I enjoy them, it’s just that after the fact from a plot-progression perspective, I feel they incur quite a cost :3

:-/ – this is exactly what I’m talking about – Mirai is talking about the change in her perspective, and KyoAni can’t trust us to remember what happened last episode, so they show it to us. I think books trust us more not just because we can flip back and check (which is a valid point someone made), but because to go for a flashback in the middle of someone talking will break the narrative flow. Movies/Television have the option to run one audio track while running another visual track, so they are making use of it – I wonder if books wouldn’t have liked to do so as well, hm.

5) “It isn’t wise to tell yourself you aren’t alone at the drop of a hat.” – So this is the thread all the characters share, the hole they all circle around – they’re all alone: Mirai, Akihito, she herself, and her brother, and sister… some would say everyone is, but she means it in a much more immediate sense; I mean, Mirai didn’t think Akihito is alone, but he thought he is, so who’s to say she and Akihito aren’t alone since they “found one another” now?

“Why should I tell you why I [x]?” – In other words, we’re not friends, or as she says “In other words, we’re all alone.” She even means it as far as “We don’t have friends, no one does.” unless her “We’re all alone” just refers to people trapped in their world of youmus and hunters.

Well, Mirai says – “Even so, it’s so much better than what I’ve known until now.” – even if it’s not “good”, it’s still “better” and that accounts for a lot.

Mitsuki flinches when she sees the poster, and then we learn it’s for couples only. I wonder what that could mean ;-) But then she says she hadn’t gone since she’s part of the Nase family, now I’m curious.

And here we get part of what Mitsuki meant about being alone – “A Spirit Warrior will be alone for as long that he is a Spirit Warrior.” – and the Nase family members are all warriors, perhaps that’s why her brother is a “lolicon”, because his elder sister taught him he has no hope of being with one from outside, and perhaps also trying to alleviate his sister’s loneliness at the same time, a sort of “We’ll always have one another!” sort of deal.

Next episode’s preview reminds me of the cooking episode of Mai-HiME, all the outfits people are changing as well, heh.

Post Episode Thoughts:

  1. Erm, this was the most K-On! episode thus far, we got a small tiny moment of Mirai not hesitating, but I wish they didn’t feel the need to spell it out for us – we heard from Mitsuki how everyone is alone, but Mirai is determined to break down these barriers – which if Mitsuki is right is impossible, as you can at best be alone together. There were a couple other moments where KyoAni really hammered at us with what they meant at each sequence, rather than letting us use our brains, which made me sigh.
  2. The art in this episode was a bit weird, especially when it came to Mitsuki, I guess because the episode was made almost entirely of small moments, and people stammering or staring at one another, they decided to save a bit extra.
  3. So, will our characters grow closer together? What are the mysteries? This episode had essentially put us in holding-pattern, and hopefully more will be revealed in the future. The mystery got a small additional detail as Akihito felt something from the society’s person, and we see Izumi wants to talk to Mirai. Alas, next week’s preview makes it seem like it’d be another “fluff” episode, but it might make sense, if their goal is to establish the characters’ relationships and comfort with one another, to have nothing but the relationships front and center.

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