Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 4 Notes

October 23rd, 2013.

Well, this week is promising to give us both action and a bunch more information on Mirai’s past (ha! That pun!) as well as Akihito’s nature. I’m quite interested to see this episode, so let’s go.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) The first thing he says to her, “You’re the one who doesn’t get it!” – he’s talking about how she says he doesn’t get what it’s to be like her, someone who murdered her close friend – but he does, because of that flashback where we saw him with his hands all bloody. He felt more kinship to her, not less, after finding about her past – but like most romantic stories, it’s based upon a story, and he can’t tell her how he feels. And well, there’s the fact it’s hard to admit one killed another.

2) “How did you get here?” Answering the complaint of the person who said it was a plot hole. As for his answer “I don’t know” – if you take it to keep the plot-hole rather than him lying, then I don’t really know what to tell you… just look how his expression changed.

Then again, he could be just a dunce, hue. At which point, I’m going for my “He ran really quickly” answer from last week :3 (I still think they opened up this option, which doesn’t actually answer anything, except that it says someone has an answer and they recognize the question.)

3) I smiled and chuckled, at the price Hiroomi exacted from Mitsuki, and that she knew what he was going for – I also smiled and chuckled because I thought we’d finally see the two of them serious and with some backstory between them and/or something about the balance of power between them – I was surprised, and it was so natural, and I liked it – even if I know everyone will gobble it up for entirely different reasons ;-)

4) Very Dawson’s Creek, the West Wing, and Gilmore Girls-esque, characters having a witty repartee full of banter while they are running about – BTW, it’s not easy to speak while running for your life. I don’t care that much for this sort of thing, actually, though I love witty repartees a lot – but you have to earn them, rather than just hammer us with them everywhere. It’s a matter of form over function which often exists in order for you to not be able to focus on the function (content), or force you to spend more time thinking about it, perhaps so you’ll mistake there’s more to think about?

tl;dr – such quick talking patterns don’t truly show us the characters feel good with one another or have good chemistry, they’re an attempt to tell us that it is so.

5) If this is all it took to defeat the Hollow Shadow, then I feel it’s a bit anticlimactic :3 (talking about first fight only)- but it’s sort of like the battles in Blood Lad – the fights aren’t the attraction, people fight only to prove a point/do something with the story, and once Mirai admitted Yui’s gone, there was nothing else that specific fight was necessary for.

6) “In my eyes, you are nothing more than a bespectacled beauty.” – so many ways to read this – on one, it’s trying to cheer her up, on another, he’s saying there’s nothing special about her (even if that’s what she needs to hear at this juncture), and reducing her to her appearances, especially something that’s easily removed – I mean, Mitsuki is more special – he likes her enough he adds glasses to her, rather than reducing her whole entity to the glasses-wearer. But of course, see point #1 this week – he does feel she’s a kindred spirit, a sister-murderer – another cursed person. It’s nice to love someone in order to share your misery together, isn’t it?

7) Remember that “If you kill something it might die.” line? “It might not be enough to kill him, but he can’t exist that way.” – I think the proper response expected of us here is “Gulp“.

8) Akihito-youmu crying gave me distinct flashbacks to kitsune Naruto. Hue. And yeah, he’s a tactical-weapon class badass – in other words, the mere threat of him breaking free in the future is all they’re going to need, to move the plot somewhere – and this, alongside point #5 is about showing us the weaves connecting people and keeping them apart, and stuff.

9) “Do you think I look like a normal person.” – I’m not sure how it was before, and would wait for someone with better knowledge, but before it seemed to be a talk about essence, and now it’s a talk about appearances – but then again, we’re a bit past doing more than pretending at this point, aren’t we? But I suspect the love story is still stuck in pretension-land, but that’s genre-conventions for you :-/

10) I think we need to discuss the Hollow Shadow – the first thing is, this rock doesn’t feel like the one dropped out of the shadow, but in all the excitement and pyrotechnics, we might have gotten confused – here’s the other point – Sakura disappeared, just vanished into bedrock. And from the bedrock this new non-Hollow Shadow appeared. Sakura who got lost in the maze and is exactly the sort of prey the hollow shadow is looking for. I also said that fight looked too anticlimatic, right? I think the Hollow Shadow exists within Sakura right now.

11) Ha! The post-ED doesn’t answer it either way – she could be lying, Izumi-nee san. Also, it could’ve still been possessed-Sakura, who they then killed.

Also, “In the end, we’re all alone.” – I’ve said that in another episode discussion this week,

Shorter Asides:

• Okay, so the Inamis had two daughters. I blame translation/memory for the whole issue last week, or just untrustworthy narrators.

• Next to no powers? That’s bad, that’s exactly the sort of person the Hollow Shadow wants to possess, doesn’t it?

• That Yui sequence amidst the vacuum-trains was some next level shit.

• Who can say no to killers sprayed in blood looking like Ikari Gendo? I’m thinking of a specific scene, but this will have to do.

• Someone better turn that “Thumb up” into a gif, stat.

• Of course, defeating something you can go all out on and someone you’re trying to not kill entirely isn’t the same thing at all.

• Oh, I was sure Izumi was their mother, but she’s their old sister.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Still pretty? Very pretty. I really liked the action sequences this episode – not just in execution and direction, but in how the action was only there to prove a point – why did the fight with Akihito last that long? Because they reallyneeded to prove that point.

The emotional element is still a bit lacking, but finally it feels we’re going to have some breakthroughs, maybe if Mirai lowers her guard and acts in a genuine manner, it’ll help the whole show’s emotional side feel more genuine.

The relationship between the siblings felt very well done this week.

Final comment I want you all to take home with you – Akihito said he had no friends. He’s saying the literature club is essentially there to monitor him, and that his “friends” aren’t his friends, but I think it’s him mirroring Mirai and thinking no one can love him or understand him – if they didn’t care for him, they’d have killed him. He’s flawed in the exact same way Mirai is – I just hope they grow together rather than become content in their flaws.

(Small final note, wasn’t going to post this to begin with, but I’m feeling upbeat the last few days, so there.)

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