Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 3 Notes

October 16th, 2013.

We didn’t get a lot of plot last week, but we grew to like the characters more. We didn’t learn of their past, except learning that someone had indeed died. The situation is growing dire, and I believe that under stress we’ll get more flashbacks and knowledge of our troubled protagonists’ pasts.

Shorter Asides:

• The way the two of them sat and talked in the empty railcar gave me violent flashbacks of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

• “You lack any balls” she says as she bites in the middle of a male-genitalia looking snack (Dickerdoodles, apparently).

• Well, we at least learned Mirai’s past.

• The OST in this show is quite good, it’s unobtrusive, but picks up at just the right points. I do think they could even amp it up a bit, increase the volume, such as when Mirai prepared to face the Hollow Shadow, hard to notice the OST, but it’s doing work in the background.

• Not just a gunblade, but a gunsaw!

• Those fingers reaching for the money must become a gif. Someone should make it. And her bowing as she accepts it can be either an image or a gif as well.

• Her body moving/twitching with every word as she speaks to Akihito is weird. I assume this is a moeism. When a body takes in too much moe, that it no longer observes the normal rules of physics/biology.

• That’s not the waist, that’s more along his breasts.

• Ok, yes, so she’s a teacher ;) (Woman chasing youmou out of the window from episode 1)

• MC is warned not to do something – this never ends well, even if they don’t intend to, narrative causality pushes them into its path, especially if they’d been told to steer clear.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Considering how heavy “I don’t want to go through life the way you do” – as a complete and utter rejection of a person and their life is, it’s a good thing to start the episode with this. I talked about it at length last week.

And yes, that it is followed by “I am not allowed to enjoy life as others do” means she’s rejecting herself.

2) “Are you trying to win my gratitude? I’m not like Senpai” – Not like Senpai? Meaning she can’t be bought? That she doesn’t like people? That she can’t enjoy life? That they can’t be friends? So many options.

And she possibly meant them all, but what did Mitsuki think she meant that she gasped in that manner?

3) A talk of dreams, and how youmu spring forth from humans’ darker natures. Will have to see where they go with this as the show goes by.

Wait, what does it say about the friendly youmu that they use as appraisers of the defeated youmu? Are they in general reflections of humanity, or they just get to choose what to do after they are formed? But that’s how magical realism truly is – you’re thrown into the world, you don’t have everything explained to you.

And that is exactly the sentiment of the head of the Nise family – this is life, why it’s that way doesn’t truly matter to her. A reflection of last episode’s everyday moment where they cash in the youmu remains, and what was the youmu at that point doesn’t truly matter.

4) “How do you view youmu?” – “Isn’t that a given? They’re simply monsters.” and then we shift to Kanbara-kun.

In case you missed it, the exploration of that statement is something that’s already being explored in this show since its first minute, and is probably going to be rejected. The elders as mired in tradition though. Except for his mother, but she seems more like comic relief, at this point.

5) A fetish-war! Well, this is amusing, and could’ve just as easily been an edition war in D&D, or console war, or “Best girl” war. In a way, it is a best girl war…

With regards to to note #2, she comes into the room wearing glasses – she wants to play them both, to get both to love her, or so it could be seen. Well, she subverted it, but only somewhat – she still plays along their fetishes, in order to amuse herself. Just some random notes.

Post Episode Thoughts:

First, for every mystery solved, another one is left open or introduced. But we grow to learn more of our characters and what makes them tick.

Second, the action and fluidity of this show is still top-notch, along my OST notes, the production is top values. A note on preview-music – when it begins, it always feels wrong to me, it feels strangely intrusive for how well done the rest of the music is, but as it keeps going and shifts a slight tune I grow to like it more.

Last, I really dug the preview. Seems we’ll get plenty of Akihito action next episode, and action in general. Well, I wonder how much we’ll actually learn of Akihito next episode; that might happen in the two episodes that follow as fallout.

Well, we are exploring the themes more. The themes can be boiled to the usual bildungsroman tale of trying to find your place in the world. Them being inhuman not being a metaphor is almost an aside.

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