Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 2 Notes

October 9th, 2013.

The way the last episode ended and the preview show me that we’re going to have more suspense, magical realism and conspiracy exposition this episode. I’m fine with getting slightly less moe, but this being KyoAni I’m sure we’ll get a bunch. I’m just curious how much.

Shorter Notes:

  • Very good atmospheric OST, the fine balance between combat and suspense.
  • I’m glad Akihito can avoid blushing non-stop, I find it a bit silly when all the characters blush non-stop at one another.
  • The back and forth with the onigiri had been cute, in a good way (yes, there are wrong ways to be cute! :p)

Thoughts/Thematic Observations:

1) That flashback/vision was a good way to start the episode – suspense, mystery, and seeing our protagonist had killed someone? We want to know more! And that’s the best way to start your episode. Heck, ending the first episode with this vision might have been even better.

More mysterious flashbacks of destruction and woe. Good stuff. Makes you wonder if she already killed a youmu who was her friend, or just ended up causing her friend’s death. She even screamed “No!” as it killed it.

2) “Too slow!” – this reminds me of one of the better scenes from Pumpkin Scissors, where people comment how the lieutenant can’t dance, but then she fights and her moves are as fluid and graceful as can be – same with moeblob, when she’s supposed to walk around, she can stumble on air. But fighting, she has the speed and grace she can’t bring to bear elsewhere.

3) Magical realism – “You can’t let it run away, or you won’t be able to cover groceries!” – also, it’s not like he wants to keep feeding her. The show is painting him as quite annoying here, with how often he repeats her name, as well – try it sometime, talk to someone and keep saying their name. It’s annoying.

Also, so they earn money for vanquishing monsters, is this to give them incentive, a true reward, I wonder.

4) “Humans don’t go around appraising other humans.” – what do you call dates and dating sites, then? ಠ_ಠ (Also teachers their students, bosses their workers, workers their bosses – all interactions are made in this manner.)

Also, this seals the deal on how she knew Akihito was a youmu in the beginning of the show, she can sense them.

5) “I don’t want to go through life the way you do.” – there are few messages aimed at cutting deeper, rejecting one’s way of life completely, rejecting them – rejecting all their decisions. I expected something like this at say, episode 6.

Except here, this message does cut as deeply, but inwardly. She rejects that way of life as something she is deserving of. But, if the flashbacks are right, then it’s turned around once more – she is saying that someone who has killed another cannot be allowed to enjoy life as Akihito is, but he also apparently killed someone, and is allowing himself to enjoy life…

Post Episode Thoughts:

This had been a good episode. The first episode had a nice ring to it, but it didn’t give us much to bite, it made a lot of promises. This episode is beginning to cash them in, with more natural character interactions, with fluid fight scenes, and with an air of suspense and mystery underlying the whole thing.

Our put-upon protagonist’s interactions with others brought a smile to my face. He might not be Kyon, or Araragi, but he’s entertaining me, I’ll give him that.

The OST had been quite good this episode. Still understated, but definitely noticed, in a good way.

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