Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 10 Notes

December 4th, 2013.

Love and Utmost Sacrifice (In the Time of Homura)

Mirai ran Akihito with her sword, and then the preview made it way too obvious he’s a goner. Being a long time anime watcher, I trust that preview very little. Well, let’s see what’s up with everything – what Izumi-nee-san is planning, the Society’s schemes, etc.

Shorter Asides:

  • Heh, we finally see the sequences where Mirai attempts to slay Akihito, which had been skipped over previously.

Thoughts and Notes:

Act 1 – Confusion and Domestic RomCom:

1) And so Mirai is fleeing the scene of the crime, the place where people had been kind to her, and she had turned on them – just like had happened with Yui, Sakura’s sister. She’s similar to Akihito, but he stayed in the same place, a prisoner of sorts.

Well, or she was running to help Akihito – can’t tell right now, since we don’t know the order of things, so let’s just watch :3

2) Well, this RomCom stuff sure is sweet, and making me smile, why couldn’t it be the entire show, and forget about all that supernatural nonsense? :P That domestic setting, those domesticated killers.

3) So, during winter, his human side slept? I wonder how he got to school, back home, and all that. I wonder what’s up, well, I’m sure we’ll see.

4) Hm, first, she thought he wanted to ask her out, but now the impression is that it’s just to say he’s sorry, not because of romantic feelings. Well, for once Mirai takes initiative, and pops the question – “Why are you nice to me?” – Yeah, we’re not nearly close enough to the territory where we flat out ask “Do you like me?” or saying she likeshim. Come on guys! You can do it.

5) Well, this is KyoAni, so many perfectly giffable moments, that might be this show’s greatest contribution to future generations :P

Act 2 – Darkness Takes Over – Love and Sacrifice:

Kyoukai no Kanata / Beyond the Boundary anime episode 10

Taking a cliche to the maximum level, but with a literal twist – “A part of me will always remain within you.”

1) Welp, that sure is a different way to turn “It was all a dream,” – not how last episode ended, but the comfy setting we’re living in now. I still wonder about that Mirai talking to Izumi before leaving the city, because that didn’t appear to be here. Heck, it appears that’s in the outside world, but if it’s in the outside world, then Mirai didn’t disappear – then again, there’s probably a limit to how much in-dream Akihito is aware of.

2) Also, “A small part of me is still inside of you,” – talk about clichés :P – “A part of you will always live on within me!” Here it’s taken literally.

3) “When my little brother tried to subdue it, it attacked him and put him at the brink of death.” – Note how the cold Izumi is using her brother in this, who wouldn’t approve. Of course, it is possible she’s thinking of his well-being, and not just as a member of the Nase clan, but it’s quite possible she’s just manipulating Mirai.

4) Welp, I actually had a blog-post about flashbacks last week, about how most movies and such don’t actuallyshow you all the content that you now have context with, and you actually have to think of it and apply the new knowledge – think of Madoka Magica, for instance, and where you truly have to rewatch the show to have it fullysink in. Some movies show you things in the last 1-2 minutes to truly twist it in, but they’re movies that revolvearound the twist, and the show ends just after it occurs. Well, I did use Kyoukai no Kanata as an example where the flashbacks are used too often and too heavily, rather than trust the viewers to piece the emotional context on their own, and it continues.

5) Hm, so Mirai did know of him being like her, seeing that she knew who Izumi’s younger brother was, and who hurt him. So, her killing him, or running him through with her sword, was it the symbolic equivalent of piercing her own heart? In a way, since she loves him, it was, and on more than one level. Did she hate herself and thus stab herself thus, or did she stab him-herself, and that in turn made her hate herself? Did she disperse herself because of self-loathing, or because of love for Akihito, who is similar to her, so it’s a form of self-love? Once you love someone because you think of them as “you” in a way, analyzing the actions between yourself and that person can sure get mind-bending.

Well, the end of the episode and the preview – is Mirai dispersed and fighting in another world? Did she coalesce and fighting in our world, or is this the Mirai that is still somewhere within Akihito? I mentioned Madoka Magica before, is Mirai actually Homura or Madoka? Hue.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Well, we’ve got the emotional and romantic tale of Akihito and Mirai with us, this episode in that sense is very much a continuation of the last couple of episodes, and in particular the previous episode – now we have the motif of “utmost sacrifice” brought into it, which again refers to the story of Romeo and Juliet which I’ve also referenced in last week’s write-up.

I actually think that although the show would’ve been superior had they gone for non-stop light RomCom, that this is quite an improvement – the show now has something it wants to say and is going for it, hammering at the themes, the emotional-resonance, that it wants to strike. I do wish it’s been slightly easier on the flashback scenes, but I guess without all of them, the discussions with Izumi would’ve felt a bit more out of context.

We still don’t know who that man under the Nase mansion is, and why the Nases want to get Akihito before the Soul Society Association does. Well, we still have 3 more episodes to go through!

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