Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 1 Notes

October 2nd, 2013.

I was curious when I read the part about the girl dropping from the rooftop, then I read about the demons. I knew I’ll have to check it.

Thoughts and Notes:

  • Ok, the artistic direction is both interesting and very very nice. Well, it is KyoAni.
  • That Danny Elfman-esque music, it’s like I’m watching a Tim Burton movie.
  • The monologuing main character, who is cynical and self-referential, are we in for a Kyon-stand in? Can’t be, voice isn’t cynical or dejected enough.
  • “Someone who looks as good as you in glasses, simply should not die!” – Man, such lines. I’m sure it’ll be used and mocked and gifed for years to come. “In short, I love glasses!” – Is this Kyoukai no Kanata, or did I somehow slip into Megane-bu? :<
  • Also – “I laid my heart bear”, someone fire this translator.
  • OP thoughts – pretty, extremely heavy on the cliched romance overtones, and erm, boring, not at all exciting, music-wise. The action sequences keep me hopeful.
  • ED thoughts – A very stylized ED, I won’t lie, but again, boring. (Clarification on OP/ED – it’s background music, it’s just there. There’s no excitement in it, no build-up, no explosions (sound-wise, not art), nothing to make the heart race or tap your foot as you listen to the beat. It doesn’t have to be physical action – it can be emotional as well, just need more investment.)
  • I like you MC, I like you – “Don’t go for dismembered bodies all over to draw readers in. Readers want to know the character’s actions and logic behind them.” – take that, Danganronpa :3
  • “It’s a mystery that has a weak motive and a clumsy scientific investigation with a twist.” – are we talking about Haruhi now?
  • “Wait, Senpai!” – a mixture of a girl running to confess her feelings, and a yandere. Wait, they’re not the same thing?

More Thematic Thoughts And Summary:

1) They’re being quite frank about how they behave, about all the tropes they’re going for – some would say they’re being self-referential and witty, but these days, that is also a way of pandering to fans, to make them feel clever.

2) Her using him for practice, to deaden her humanity – you practice on human-shaped targets so it’ll be ingrained, to be able to shoot at human shaped humans later on. Not only does he have to lose, but so does she – her ability to hold back, her inability to hurt others.

“I’m afraid of taking its life.” – she’s afraid of turning into a monster, of losing her humanity, which is what she’s supposedly training for with her attacks on MC.

3) Boy gets warned not to interact with girl, a girl who keeps inflicting pain on him, right through his heart (talk about metaphors), and he betrayed his nature, the type of story he was in, to save her from suicide – of course he’s not going to keep away from her – the story he’s in now demands it. I mean, in what story does warning someone from someone else actually work?

4) Talking about her cursed power and clutching her heart. Had we turned the voices into gibberish and turned off the subtitles, it seems she’s talking about her love or some such nonsense. Perfect show to have ad-libbed as something else than what the characters are saying.

Summary: KyoAni show – Interesting show, it could be great, as in, one of the best shows of the season/year, but it’s still KyoAni, so it could just dwindle to be talking about trivialities. My one worry right now is that the actors don’t seem invested in their characters just yet, and the acting quality doesn’t impress me. The OST thus far, the music, just seems scattered and all over the place, not sure what it’s going for yet.

The animation is top-notch, and the girls are definitely cute.

The interaction between the characters is interesting, it has a good ratio of the characters being self-referential, to their goals, to their roles in a story, but just paying lip-service to these things isn’t enough, especially as we keep going into our meme-hungry age, we see this as more and more of servicing fans (see old blog post about it). Just look how much people dig into any show that references another show, or some internet meme. Being self-referential and self-aware is nice, but you need to actually do something with it.

I suspect it’d be a love story, and if they can actually keep it understated as this show seems to be about character relations thus far, I’ll be happy.

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