Knights of Sidonia Episode 9 Notes

June 9th, 2014.

We Are Our Clones. We are We.

Well, wonder where they’d go now. They certainly gave us a lot more information, the question is when it’d be made plot-relevant, rather than just characterization.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Understanding People:

  1. Yure, to whom Izana is so very similar, her “grandmother”. Makes sense her own clones, her own “descendants” are the ones she makes tests on. She is fighting for the survival of mankind, a genius.
  2. Izana, so unimpressed.
  3. “We don’t know for sure it meant to attack you.” – Just like the Gauna arriving on Earth, perhaps they’re just trying to make contact, and assimilate humans to literally make them a part of them.
  4. Norio, not the master of his own house. Makes you wonder why they keep it at what is essentially a private residence. Also, they’re letting one of their comrades’ brains be taken over by their past ally, and the traitor to their race.

2) Tantalizing Power:

  1. Oh boy, Norio being told he can gain more power. I don’t think that’ll end well.
  2. The fact the EBD is on the outside, ready to flush into space, tells you how dangerous the shit they’re dealing with us.
  3. Moving up the ranks! Well, he’s groomed to be the leader, as Hiro’s successor. Also, fights are there toprove a point or to change things. If the fight itself isn’t showcasing the weight, then no need to show it.

3) Understanding Ourselves:

  1. As was the cast last episode, Tanikaze’s question about the “undead” isn’t truly about it – “If you make a perfect copy of memories and personalities, what difference would there be between it and the original?” – In an episode where we see someone has Ochiai’s brain? And of course, though it lacks the memories, Tanikaze has Hiro’s genetic make-up.

    You could say they wish to say that though they can’t find a scientific reason to dispute it, they stillbelieve them to be different individuals.

  2. “Ho… haaa..” Yeah, she’s like a child, mimicking Tanikaze, learning from him.
  3. The Gauna’s attention is always on their memento mori, the object that can end them. Very Greek mythology.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Continuing with metaphors using the Gauna. What are humans? Not in a simple manner, but what makes their core, and what differentiates them?

Norio quit, but maintained his honour above all. But now he knows power is at hand, while we see Ochiai, the traitor who walks in their midst, as they harbour an enemy and try to make friends.

Nagate rising within the ranks. And the remaining Hoshijiro-frame lurking about.

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