Knights of Sidonia Episode 8 Notes

June 3rd, 2014.

We Are the Walking Dead of Our Past

So, Gauna, in the shape of mechs, after they consumed Hoshijiro and some of the others. Fun.

Screenshot album.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) The Walking Dead:

  1. Undead, also known as the restless dead, or the vengeful dead. The reason Undead are so scary isn’t just because it means that the dead have found no rest, but that they have come back to haunt you. This is especially troubling for Kunato, who bears the burden of guilt.
  2. Kunato is losing it! But he got his spear up in time, so he could pretend for honour later on. Here’s the question though, is “The Pilot” the Gauna core? And what does it mean that it can be separated from the main-frame? Hm.
  3. A space marauder, versus the nimble knight.
  4. Hm, so “The Immortal Council” is trying to kill Tanikaze for being an immortal, but how is he immortal? For he is the reincarnation, or the technologically reconstructed version of his “grandfather”, the hero? Also, “Seed-ships”, so if they use this technology, they only need to retain the original members’ DNA. Well, they already do have clones, so I feel like I’ve missed something. Because each ship could contain the same people, and it’s a replacement rather than a new generation?
  5. Using Ochiai’s auxiliary brain for the departure ceremony? What is the brain? What is the ceremony? And I see, so Hiyama and Kobayashi are part of the Immortal Council as well. “There must be no immortals but us” might be referring to themselves as well, and that it’s a burden.
  6. No wonder there was the need for cloning, “The Immortal Council” had 24 survivors, and only 392 survived among the population. Wow, talk about total decimation. But the indomitable spirit of mankind saw them through, with their technological advancements.They call this episode “Undead”, but it’s not just Hoshijiro, or even the Immortal Council, but this ship as a whole.

2) Walking in Our Predecessors’ Footsteps:

  1. Hm, Ochiai, a former hero and friend, returned as a Gauna, taken alive. Isn’t this similar to the sample Tanikaze brought back now?
  2. Kobayashi sealing away her feelings after the departure of a friend, Tanikaze’s “grandfather”.
  3. Yup, “The Immortal Council”, they make clones and transplant the brains to keep the old heroes going.
  4. An old man and a woman-bear just having fun. This screenshot is so silly.
  5. Ah, I see. The problem with Tanikaze is he’s immortal, without being chosen to be one, because he’s a clone of Hiroki – but not mentally, just in specifications.
  6. “We cannot afford losing him again.” – The hero, or the man or at least friend she loves?

3) Departures and Unwelcome Returns:

  1. Not just swords, but bows and arrows? I can understand the swords, since they use them while fighting in the warframes as well. The “Feudal Japan” style of the architecture continues here. Why not guns? Because you can’t know where it’d ricochet, or what it’d puncture. Still feels funny.
  2. And Izana is a clone of Shinatose, the past mother, the future bride?
  3. “Comically mad” indeed.
  4. And so, Tanikaze is the “undead”, the vengeful spirit of Hiroki come back.

Post Episode:

Well, this was quite an episode, it’s not just the action and the secrets revealed, but that it all flowed very well.

This episode was very much about the past, about old ghosts coming back to haunt you, old mistakes you cannot outrun, decisions you’ve made. For everyone.

Even on an interstellar spaceship, you cannot outrun your past.

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