Knights of Sidonia Episode 1 Notes

April 11th, 2014.

 A Shiny World, Arbitrary Rules.

An anime that is actual sci-fi? Transhumanism, humanity beset on all sides, mecha, moral decisions… be still, my heart. Yes, I’ve heard it’s got a lot of awful CGI. That’s an annoyance but not a deal-breaker for me.

Thoughts and Notes:

Sidonia no Kishi Episode 1 / Knights of Sidonia episode 1 anime notes - Tanikaze Nagate and the rundown world

  1. Rundown clatter. Hard to change things for brand new stuff, when you have no real place to call home. Grungy, sooty space. No shine for our future heroes just yet. This is about survival. And in general, gives a somewhat Warhammer 40,000 / Battletech feel – “Our glory days are behind us, what is lost cannot be reclaimed.”
  2. The art style of the fights reminds me of some late-gen PS2 games, heh.
  3. Walking in a maze of steel, how everything seems torn down, the hunger and our silent and expression-less protagonist; the general aesthetic. Everything here screams Texhnolyze at me.
  4. OuchSidonia no Kishi Episode 1 / Knights of Sidonia episode 1 anime notes - The Honoka clones
  5. “Intersex photosynthesis room.” – Is this to get your daily dose of sun, or do they actually gain energy from photosynthesis? Transhumanism!
  6. These girls are so similar. Clones?
  7. That smirk and scoff! “Come to my place, it’ll help your career”.” Jerk.
  8. “You must wonder whether I’m male or female. Well, I’m neither! I can procreate with both.” – She makes it sound like a recent development, unless she thinks he was out of touch for a full millennia. I wonder if the third gender can also procreate with other of the third gender, because if they could, perhaps they’ll do away with males and females completely.
  9. They only have 28 such spears, and can make no more. Lost technology.
  10. Home, sweet home.

The enemy is here, time to show us what you’ve got, Tsugumuri, Tanikaze.

OP thoughts – I liked the calmer bits. The gravitas of the tone and lyrics definitely make you feel as if this is a nation’s anthem. The abrupt techno pieces did feel sort of abrupt. Quite rough around the edges, as if not all the gears are aligned properly. Somewhat like this show’s atmosphere thus far.

ED Thoughts – Like the OP, a mixture of clean and dirty, of comforting and noise. Yes, the whole feeling is of grunge and soot, of the clean future, not so clean.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Sidonia no Kishi Episode 1 / Knights of Sidonia episode 1 anime notes - A view of Sidonia

First, let us speak of the CGI. I am fine with it for the mechs and the buildings. For all the faces? It looks weird, and robs them of nuances. But considering how many of them wear masks or do not have any social skills, it somewhat fits, I guess. I’m still not a huge fan of the faces. I don’t care about anything else, but the faces… guess it makes things feel alien. Somewhat like Aku no Hana, but there, if anything, it made all the small gestures that are edited out in drawing feel even more pronounced, even more human.

The Texhnolyze feel is definitely there. Slow and methodical. Very atmospheric. We move from darkness to light. Heck, we even consist on photosynthesis. Will humanity get to move towards the light, or will the Gauna keep them in eternal darkness?

Not a lot to go based on thus far, but it’s interesting, and it makes me think of the pacing of a book.

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