Kill la Kill Episode 9 Notes

November 28th, 2013.

“I might not win, but I will not lose!” – Gamagoori, a Hero:

Tonight, we dine, in HELL!!! Well, let’s see how much of a fight we get, and how much we stop for mid-fight discussions and pontifications upon the nature of power and honour – because it makes sense within the context of the show, because it makes sense in anime in general, and because Trigger has no monies. Let us see the entertainers fight!

Shorter Asides:

  • Man, more classic music, I so know this piece, but its name eludes me right now (referring to when the announcement of the fight was made).
  • And the populace which knows nothing but violence and squalor cheers as they are placated by the gladiatorial spectacle put on for their sake, or are just happy to see people bludgeon one another.
  • “Pierce, thrust,” whipping Ryuko, the way he “grows” before he “unloads” his “climax”. Yes, yes, we get it, this is sex.
  • I don’t know if I’ve said this already, but each time I grow more fond of the ending, it’s just so nice to listen to. Simple, without too much dross.

Thoughts and Notes:

Gamagoori Ira – A Man of Resolve:

1) Discipline is Everything / Discipline and Rules:

Kill la Kill Anime Episode 9

Disciplinary Committee Chairman Gamagoori Ira Will Abide by the Rules!

  1. “Who do you think you’re talking to?!” – Gamagoori Ira, Disciplinary Committee chairman! We’re sticklers for details here! (How German of him. This is referring to some “jokes” about how in Nazi Germany everything proceeded according to strict time-tables, what with the references to Nazism and Fascism throughout this show).
  2. Fuck, Gamagoori, I just said that! :3 (I take the notes as I watch, for those wondering) – A strict schedule is part of a strict regime, where everything is orderly!
  3. Hm. “We will abide by the schedule, that’s what discipline is, that is what rules are” – Gamagoori accepts, abides by, and enforces Satsuki’s rules. Thing is, all laws are arbitrary, right? Satsuki changes the rules based on her whim, all the damn time – she points out with her every action how ridiculous Gamagoori’s stance is. But, Gamagoori not giving up also proves each time she overrules him, how deep his commitment to Satsuki is.
  4. “Even if no one disciplines me, I discipline myself!” – Sado-masochism! Self-flagellation. A very religious person, Gamagoori. Assume everyone behaves and he has no one to discipline? Assume he’s at the top of the food chain and has no one to discipline him? Well, one must discipline and be disciplined if one is to remain sharp at what one does as head disciplinarian! A clever man, a wise man, Gamagoori Ira.
  5. Gamagoori accuses Ryuko of being a sexual deviant, how can he talk. He also accuses her of breaking the rules, and Ryuko naturally answers that Satsuki breaks the rules all the time as well.

2) I Will Not Lose – Taking Their Strength:

Kill la Kill anime episode 9

Using his enemies’ strength, he will not yield to them.

  1. “Is that wise? when you attack me I become that much stronger.” Why does he ask her that? They both know she can’t avoid attacking him either. He’s trying to show her the futility of resisting discipline, of resisting the law, of disobeying Kiryuin Satsuki, Honnyouji Academy’s Student President. Resistance is futile, obey, Matoi.
  2. I can’t defeat you, but I won’t lose to you, either!” – Holy shit, that’s such a shounen motto – and with a smile on his face. See, Gamagoori (as well as Sanegayama) could be the heroes of their own shounen shows!
  3. “I will show you there are those who will not kneel to force!” – And indeed, his uniform is all about not giving in to the enemy’s force, it’s about using his opponents’ own force in order to stand tall – which is exactly what he had done with the sheath of Satsuki’s sword – he used her own “power” in order to stand tall. Some might say this is what Satsuki does now with the elite four and everyone else, including her parents – she uses others’ powers in order to strengthen her resolve, in order to stand taller.
  4. Notice their lines – Gamagoori said she has no hope of winning, Ryuko said she’s not about to lose to him – will she be able to accept, adopt, and subvert his stance, that she may not win, but she will not lose? But, she must win to meet Satsuki’s conditions. Except of course, that Satsuki may change the rules at any given moment.
  5. “Wipe away your own tears. It’s too early to kneel in defeat.” – Satsuki throws Gamagoori’s creed-lines back at him, she is reminding him of who he is, of what he is – a man of endless resolve, towering above all others – a man who will not spare the whip, for he loves his brethren. Gamagoori Ira, Disciplinary Chairman, a hero.

Post Episode Notes:

Well, this was definitely an interesting episode, and an outgrowth of last episode. We saw more about Gamagoori, and I must say, I like him as a character, a lot.

The action was alright, and we didn’t really find out too much about people other than Gamagoori this episode, but hey, this was Gamagoori’s episode. Solid episode, overall.

I wonder what we’ll learn next episode. Mr. Information-Gathering is the Elite 4 member I feel we know the least of.

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4 comments on “Kill la Kill Episode 9 Notes

  1. Di-Dorval says:

    Yea you definitely write the most interesting episodic ‘reviews’ of this show. I love reflections upon the themes and philosophies of shows/characters. I really have nothing to reply to this though I agree with and enjoy everything you said here.

    On another note this episode makes me fear that the fights might continue to be pretty tame in actual action/animations at least for this arc (with the rumors of the 2nd part to be the main event).

    • Guy says:

      Thank you. There are some people who write proper editorials on episodes, such as Emily from Atelier Emily, and there are a few others. I prefer to write my editorials on full series, or full seasons, and some of these entries already take enough time to write.

      The upside to my format is that I get to bring up a lot of different points/tangents, even if the downside is that I don’t get to go in as much depth on one cohesive idea.

      Animation is going to be pretty tame in this show due to issues of budget, but what they lack with proper animation they more than make up for with artistic direction, they stretch everything they have to the limit, which is also interesting and worth appreciating. But yes, if they’d have had more money, it could’ve been nice.

      • Di-Dorval says:

        Well after that Nonon fight I stopped worrying. I was mostly surprised at how static the Gamogoori fight was (even though they managed to do something pretty good). Plus the changing Kamui can bring interesting elements (can’t wait to see two transforming Kamui face each others). I feel that Imaishi fights are always more about giving a spectacle than anything else.

      • Guy says:

        Well, it’s very fitting that Gamagoori’s fight will be static, considering his whole point is about standing in place and taking abuse, as a shield, as an immovable rock.

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