Kill la Kill Episode 8 Notes

October 21st, 2013.

The Free Elections, where you’re free to choose a lie. Gamagori, the bound man.

Well, time for the background of the 2nd in command, the loyal man, Gamagoori. This is especially interesting to me due to Satsuki’s desire for people to defy her, in the face of her insistence that everyone obeys her, together with how proud Gamagoori is, though he stands high by bowing his head. Hegel would be so proud. Orwell too.

Shortest Asides:

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Elections and Power! The Freedom to Choose a Lie!

  1. Heh, those elections are very much like episode 4’s “crash-course” – they call them elections, but it’s the strongest getting to the end, and beating everyone else. This is in a way a shedding of the mask – those with power have more power. Also, the first lords, the first kings, weren’t they just people who had more weapons, more soldiers? Man, Satsuki starting the episode like this, I’m happy!
  2. “In these elections, you will not be choosing some candidate, but yourself!” – Man, this is Greek City-State democracy. Also, in the end, representative democracies still are about yourself, who is represented, so here they represent themselves with no middle-man, no mask, no clothes, just them, pigs.
  3. Holy shit, this episode is starting blaring us the sounds of Hegel, Marx (look who’s making these declarations, those who do not need to reclaim their position), Orwell and Lord of the Flies. I’m eating this up.
  4. Technically, Ryuko is a no-star outsider as well, she doesn’t have to fight either. Fighting will have her, just like last episode, operating within the system, Satsuki’s system, and helping it along, rather than tearing it down.
  5. Here it is again, Satsuki is calling them “comrades” (I wonder what term was used in Japanese) – until the elections end, they all stand equal. Well, maybe not to Satsuki, but to one another. That is the myth of equality she is selling them, the hope, the dream, the will to power.

2) Gamagoori is a man bound – by honour, and fetish:

  1. Gamagoori is a man bound by duty, a man bound by a sense of honour. Of course he helps Ryuko. There wasn’t even a question about it.
  2. Gamagoori, the man’s man! I will wipe my own tears! Also, self-sufficient. He serves Satsuki, but he isn’t served in turn. He expects obedience because he stands for Satsuki, and because he believes it’s for the best of all! Gamagoori Ira is a man, cur!
  3. “Gamagoori, those who lack resolve are incapable of even wiping away their own tears.” – Look at the boy Gamagoori is holding, he needs someone else to clean after him. Owning up for your decisions, cleaning up after yourself, the decision to move forward. Just think of Sanegayama removing his own eyes.
  4. Oh my, Gamagoori’s mentality and his suit, the innuendo :O More seriously, he’s paying penance, he serves, he suffers, he reflects. The more he suffers through, the more his resolve is shown – he has opportunities to reveal that he is capable of wiping away his own tears, and when he doesn’t cry, it’s for the same reason – his resolve will carry him, his penance. He was “whipped” by Satsuki, he had been shown what true resolve is. But if he truly follows Satsuki’s creed and not just her words, then his power isn’t hers, it’s his, he is using her, he is making it into his own power. But the question is, what is his goal? If his goal is to help Satsuki, then whose power, for whom? Why, I’ll tell you – The one making the decision. Gamagoori Ira, Honnouji Academy’s Disciplinary Committee’s Chairman!
  5. Oh my, the preview even had Gamagoori’s suit’s front, a gimp suit :o

Post Episode Notes:

Well, even though the “driving lessons” sort of fooled us, it was still Gamagoori’s episode. Gamagoori, the samurai, the stalwart defender, the man of honour. Gamagoori, who can wipe his own tears.

really loved the elections. But then again, I’m a sucker for Satsuki’s theme, and I especially love it when she spouts all those lines referencing morality and the nature of power. We all have our weak spots, alright?

Two things I’m wondering about – I still want to know more about the nature of Satsuki and Gamagoori’s relationship, as in, how they see one another. I don’t know if we’ll get any of that information, but if we do next episode seems a good place for it. And that leads me to my other point – this show in general is pretty fast with how it goes about things, not TTGL fast, but not slow either. If we spend all of next episode about one fight, I’ll probably be disappointed, and if we then spend an additional episode for every other episode I’ll be even moredisappointed. I also doubt Trigger can handle the animation pressure of that, so I doubt it’ll happen.

Well, let’s hold on and see what we get.

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