Kill la Kill Episode 6 Notes

November 7th, 2013.

So, Thursday of doom just became a lot easier, with an episode leaking out many hours early, go Thursday of comfort, for once! Also, for once I’ll get to post before almost everyone else – even starting the discussion threads, it takes me a few minutes more to obtain the episode, and naturally, quite some time to watch it while note-taking. But we’ve beat the system guys, we’ve beat the system!

So, three-stars and nudists are going to be the order of the day? I can get behind that :)

Shorter Asides: – Or in their other name, each of these messages will likely get a post by someone else who will usually get more upvotes and discussion than this whole thing ;-)

  • Heh, that Mataro – seeing his escapades as Ryuko talks of him is highly entertaining, since she has no way of knowing what happened, and if the show didn’t tell us, neither would we.
  • All the pre-opening sequence again shows how reliant Trigger is on using still shots for a lot of their shots, it’s definitely interesting to consider.
  • That’s what happens when you’re not trusted, and when you have such a ridiculous name (Nudist Beach), no one believes you. I feel you bro.
  • “It’s one unbelievable thing after another, that’s what makes this academy so fascinating.” – And that’s Trigger in a nutshell.
  • OMG, that flashbackeveryone is so preciously cute! I want to pinch their cheeks! :3
  • “I have no intention of fighting, I’m telling you to surrender.” – “Who do you think you’re messing with?” (Basically “Who do you think we are, you bastard?!” :P) Also, strength of will Satsuki, aura of power and bloodlust.
  • Is that Satsuki’s motherIs she in a building styled after a peacock? :O Also, the small “head” at the top reminds one of Honnouji Academy.
  • I got to say, I really liked the challenge music. The OST for this show is going to be very good when it gets released.
  • Ha! With all that huge mecha body, he doesn’t really punch her, but he still fights with his bamboo blade of old.
  • Heh, the second transformation sequence was much faster, “Let’s just get it over with and to the action.”

Thoughts and Notes: – Or some longer-form (or more important) thoughts I had while watching the episode. In the case of this show though, it’s often just longer form asides :)

1) Holy hypnotizing nipples, Batman! – That teacher, when he’s under pressure, he presses back! He can’t allow himself to have his teacher personality up when he doesn’t want to cave in, so he fights back, gloriously. Also, it made me think of the Kamui eyes O.O Also, being a “nudist”, it makes sense he keeps shedding his clothes, amirite?

“Glory to the Sin’Dorei!” – Erm, yeah, where was I? That’s how you come out with a declaration, that’s how you make your debut. Narrative Causality? Yes, the atmosphere plays along.

2) “One who relies heavily on a single skill will be brought down by that very same skill.” – Need to remember this line, for what is Ryuko if not one that relies on Senketsu, or her scissor-blade? Satsuki has more, she has underlings and weapons and force of will. Still, I believe it’s quite possible that after the show ends, this would be the statement by which to look back over many of the events contained within.

“Without your weapon you have no way of turning the tables.” – and already we refer to the “single skill over-reliance” message. Also, Sanageyama is still relying on one skill, he just switched which skill it is.

3) “I have no time for losers, Sanageyama.” – But didn’t he become your follower through losing to you?

“Let’s have tea now.” -“Thank you, but I’ll pass.” – I’d have liked it better if they stopped here – he is now relying on himself even more, and will stand tall on his own. Of course, “the heat” might not just be his tongue, but referring to Satsuki herself. Both the above exchanges show them as all being alone, though they’re in a relationship of power, a relationship of being apart, yet inexorably tied, as one is defined by the other’s presence, or at least one of them is.

That next episode preview, a Mankatsou family episode? Will wonders never cease? O.o

Post Episode Thoughts:

  1. I really wonder what this show would look like if Trigger had endless money, I also wonder if they are cutting corners due to “paying” for previous episode’s content, or to “pay forward” for future episodes. Regardless, the way they are handling all the still shots is done with quite an aplomb, but I still wish I could see how they’d make the show if they had all the means in the world.
  2. We’ve been given a message I feel is very important to the show, and as an exploration of the origin of power as external versus internal – “Those who only have one skill will end up losing for it.” – and another sort of variation “Those who live by the sword, die by the sword.” – We also got to see another of the Elite 4 as a real person, a shounen hero – his sacrifice, his resolve, his goal of having to fight the strongest he meets and wanting rematches when he loses? Sanageyama is a pure-bred shounen hero.
  3. Satsuki’s force of will, and her contradictory ways are shown again – she wants people who do not surrender, but she forces people to surrender, she doesn’t want followers or people who’ve been defeated, but all she has are followers, and people she bent to her will. Kiryuin Satsuki’s existence is a deeply lonely thing. We had also never seen her talk to her Kamui – can it talk? To her, it’s a tool, an expression of herself, not an equal, for there are no equals, which is why she is sad, and why she does not think of her marriage.
  4. Most surprising (?) is that we had a fight with a three star, and it ended in a crushing defeat. Now we need to see how we go from here, I doubt next episode we’ll have all 3 remaining elites defeated in one episode, and with them playing up the Elite 4 as people we might actually see some intrigue. We’ll see.

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