Kill la Kill Episode 5 Notes

October 31st, 2013.

Well, after last week’s episode, I have no idea what we’ll see this episode, let’s look at my notes from episode 3 – yup, back to Ryuuko’s climb against power – and this school is all about elevation, and even looks like a dang mountain.

Shorter Asides:

  • With the gardening club, I’m really happy – it truly is like sort of X-Men, seeing what weird powers we can give all the high school clubs. Someone should be keeping track, I’m sure there’ll be a wiki by the time the show’s done.
  • Is this Tsumugu voiced by Aniki, the voice of Kamina, Konishi Katsuyuki? I’d be surprised if he’s not.
  • So, seems the life-fiber being released when you’re defeated isn’t just when it’s the two girls with the cloth-cutting swords, hm.
  • “Impatience is bad for you, as is greasy food.” – Uncle Fresh Blood (Senketsu).
  • Talk about a “fade message” – “I’ll be back… to strip you tomorrow.” – Not since Terminator did we have that. Where’s Arnold where you need him?
  • Those non-athletic club attacking, especially the bit with the poets, reminded me of Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle. I really like that film, and it really feels similar to Kill la Kill in its over the top sensibilities :)
  • More classic music <3 – but this time it’s actually played within the show, but yeah, movies also sometimes pull classic music for real action scenes, and I like it when they do.
  • You know what him coming and him leaving reminded me? Mad Max. This show definitely has a badlands vibe, a post-apocalyptic vibe.
  • Also, all the puns about clothes, both in Japanese (trusting what people said before), and that the translator managed to pull off? Nice touch.
  • Aside from the art, I’m actually quite fond of the ED, especially the end. The musical direction of this show is very solid.
  • I really love that resentful look, that rebellious look. I really do. Oh my, they gave me an even better look. I just might have to use this as a wallpaper.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Clothes, power and People: Not really relevant to this episode, but hit me as I watched the OP – one of the ramifications of episode 3 is losing the “Ryuuko is becoming more clothed as she wins each fight, getting another fiber.” – unless they really surprise us.

“People and clothes aren’t enemies.” – Yeah, I get along swimmingly with my clothes, thank you very much :3

“Victory isn’t determined solely by who has the physical superiority.” – Exactly what I was saying in week 1! He’s rejecting power as gifted by clothes, there must be something more which comes from the wearer. He’s our shounen hero!

2) Plans for the Future: Nudist Beach Front, HQ, this is quite an organization.

So, Satsuki isn’t interested in Ryuko losing this early either, but wants her to climb slowly on her way to the top? That fits with my note on Satsuki actually being interested in people to show their will, to even oppose her, and they keep disappointing her. Of course, it may be she wants opposition in order to sharpen her own resolve, lest it go weak without anything for it to be exerted against.

3) SenketsuBro: SenketsuBro to the rescue, headbutting aniki. Also, another repeat of the forehead to forehead moment, like we had with Satsuki and Ryuko in episode 3, or the TTGL moment.

So, Senketsu can only talk to Ryuko, so what happened here? He used his aura of bloodlust to project his will, as an aura. No, it wasn’t explained here, but hadn’t you guys watched Hero, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Rurouni Kenshin and I bet many others?

Post Episode Notes:

So, next episode we get to fight a 3 star? Awesome.

This was a solid episode. Nothing spectacular, but the fight scene in the beginning was great and made me think of the fight between Satsuki and Ryuko in ep 3, just much shorter, and the fight with the classic music playing as we saw all the mayhem was also very well directed and well done…

So you know what? This was a pretty great episode – though it had some “less” moments as well. Also, seeing an organized resistance rather than the teacher being a solo man is also nice – promises us more characters from the Nudist Front in the future.

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