Kill la Kill Episode 4 Notes

October 24th, 2013.

The Comedy Episode Number:

Well, now Ryuuko needs to prove herself, and grow stronger in the process? Sounds like a shounen to me! Let’s go, team Ryuuko!

Post Episode Notes:

Considering this episode’s nature, I think I’m going to throw this at the forefront.

1) I have said before that numerous moments within that show remind me of the art-style within the infamous TTGL episode 4, and here we are at episode 4, pulling what looks like Picture-Drama OVAs in many shows.

Well, I guess after blowing all the stops last episode they needed some time to collect themselves?

2) Comedy/humor is a good thing to go for if you’re going to have this art style. I actually find a few of the gags funny, to a large degree because of the repeat factor, which is actually one of the hallmarks of comedy and gags working.

3) So much classic music, it was actually a tad weird :O

4) It did feel like an OVA. I’m sad we didn’t get to progress with the plot, at all this episode – but you know what? I didn’t suffer. Might be because my anime week is so busy. I wonder how I’d have felt marathoning the show. I bet many people will skip this episode when they marathon the show later, like people skipping the baseball episode in Samurai Champloo…

Well, just turn your brain off, completely, this week, and watch – no thematic discussion this time. Just a reaction-reel.

Randomness Abounds:

  • I wonder if the nightmare was about Satsuki killing Senketsu, or her killing him.
  • “The duty of the housewife is to do laundry!” – note, she also epitomizes the “Empress of her home” notion here, who can trifle with her?
  • Poor Senketsu, being tortured! If only clothed could speak, right? Ho ho ho.
  • I’m with Ryuuko, I don’t follow. Pls explain better, Mako-chan.
  • “It’s normal for sleeping people to wear pajamas! No one can laugh at that!” – Please tell us more, Mako, we’re listening.
  • Drills! You know you waited to see some drills. This is some high quality fan-service right here.
  • Dat face, with dat voice. <3
  • A moment of Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor? Say it ain’t so!
  • And a few more classic moments in the gags that followed. Also, that bum was cute – just check what Mako was checking out – like father and brother, like sister (and dog).
  • Haha! Comedy is often about things being repeated, the “Man to man-dog” was funny to me, and yeah, it’s a gag.
  • Notice the note, the town is the academy’s as well – kicked out of school? Also kicked out of home. I wonder what of the parents, hm.
  • Yup, town is definitely Satsuki’s.
  • “Ryuuko, this is totes fun!” and “Watch the road, confound you!” – did someone slip something into the translator’s water? LOL
  • All dat classic music – The Blue Danube Waltz? What’s next O.O (That’s Johan Strauss, if you’re wondering)
  • Dem “Mako explains” sequences. I don’t even know where to begin :O
  • The music once the fake school began rolling? Very Shingeki no Kyojin. And of course, the speed-lines didn’t hurt.
  • The sped up transformation was amusing because it sounded like they also sped up the sound effects/transformation music that goes alongside.

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3 comments on “Kill la Kill Episode 4 Notes

  1. Di-Dorval says:

    Hey just checked your notes for the first time. It’s good stuff! Did you know that the shape of the school/town strangely resemble the tower of capitalism? Everything in this shows feeds the main theme it’s great.

    • Guy says:

      I think I’ve seen a note to that effect somewhere, but what drew my eye more was that the shape of the school is that of a robot/uniform, so perhaps we’ll see it transform into one at some point, in a manner befitting Gurren Lagann’s legacy.

  2. Good notes again.

    Interesting that start of the spiral is a sea- place from all the living creatures from

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