Kill la Kill Episode 2 Notes

October 10th, 2013.

Let us see, a school of endless battle, where the strong fights the strong, as the weak cower, and the not-as-strong lick the heels of the strongest for more power – power that isn’t really theirs, which can be stripped from them. Power unearned, power external, is this really power?

Shorter Notes:

  • “Lose Consciousness in five minutes.” – 1. He sounds so different from his usual manic speech. 2. What is this, Neon Genesis Evangelion?!
  • “Don’t worry, the dead ones don’t sue you.” – words to live by, sasuga no sensei…
  • The random undressing of the teacher was very random. What I did notice was the stars flashing in his background as he undressed, two at a time.
  • That explosion-implosion transformation :O
  • This isn’t extreme tennis, this is Deathmatch tennis. You’re on, you sons and daughters. You’re on like Donkey Kong!
  • I like how they slowly moved them, without them moving, as if the court shrank until they stood face to face, hating one another’s guts.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) OP thoughts – aside from getting a bunch of Ryuko, nothing to write home about, a tad disappointing. The lines of the one stars looking like a grey wall out of the Cold War was a nice touch. And yeah, the school’s tower on which Satsuki stood really makes one think of a robot, or a ship.

ED – Ryuko in a modern environment. I like the music alright – nothing special, but I really like Ryuko here. I could really use a text-less version of the art.

2) “Nobody in their right mind could fight dressed like that.” – The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, Book 2 The Drawing of the Three – Roland comments on how Eddie being able to fight stark naked is quite exceptional. Need to lose consciousness of it, of your flapping members. Well, at least she was sort of strapped ;-)

3) “The Masses, fools.” – I thought she’s going on a weird fascist-communist trip even before her next sentence. The Establishment blinded, domesticated the swine, we’re talking about the Super-Structure here. But you know what? Satsuki is the one in charge (apparently), she is the establishment.

I wonder what she wants? When people show individuality, she crushes them, or is this merely her attempt to “challenge” them, to show that they truly are worthy, to bring out their individuality? To draw out their nature to the best they can, and if they fail then they hadn’t been worthy? No, that’s hogwash. She uses her power to crush others, and mocks them for not being strong enough to resist.

More than that, she mocks them for how joyously they serve, they don’t even want to resist. And that is why she cannot respect them, for they have domesticated themselves, they had taken off their own dignity. They are no more than swine.

4) And yes, boyscout clothes as well, they’re nothing more than military uniforms. And the way they make you stand also resembles how you stand in the army, at least how I had to stand in the army was quite similar to boyscouts’ stuff. Then again, same people, so lessons and mannerisms transfer in both directions.

5) “Human Conquest and Liberation Project” – ah, the smell of fresh doublespeech in the morning! Only in captivity can you be free! We are crushing you to set you free! (And yes, similarities to Lord Genome of Gurren Lagann abound.)

6) Kiryuin Satsuki, she is the sun, she gives warmth, she gives life. Kiryuin Satsuki, she is the sun, and she will blind you to everything but her glowing presence. Kiryuin Satsuki, Sol Invictus, the Unconquered Sun. Kiryuin Satsuki, she will hide what she doesn’t wish you to see, not by the shadows, but by the light (and our eternal hopes of rebirth and salvation). We all want to believe, we all want to follow. We’re such pitiful, disgusting pigs. Have mercy, Satsuki-sama.

Nice touch, how overpowering, how towering over her opponents Satsuki is. Ryuko feels small and weak, not nearly as invincible as she should be. One cannot simply touch the sun by reaching out with their arm, now, can they?

Next episode preview – Kamui! Someone’s childhood memories. Gief.

Post Episode Thoughts:

This episode was a lot more ridiculous and funny than the last episode. Less meat to sink one’s thematic teeth into, but I’ll be honest – I come to this show for the spectacle, for the fun, for the sheer joy. I actually laughed about 3 times this episode, so I can’t, and have no wish to complain.

But, we already fought Satsuki, and are going to keep fighting her. I might have to accelerate my thoughts on where we’ll get when. We’ll likely fight one three star, and then the remaining 3 at once? Hmmm.

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