Kill la Kill Episode 1 Notes

October 3rd, 2013.

Shorter notes:

  • Oh yeah, did I tell you guys I love Koshimizu Ami? She looks so small and fragile, but that voice!
  • Talk about brutalist architecture, but unlike Shakugan no Shana, Nanoha and other such shows, this is due to a design decision, not cutting off animation costs and filling everything with horrible-looking suburbs/cityscapes.
  • Talk big, get smacked – classic shounen hero before they power up. They need something to fuel that inner sense, to show us their progression. Also, big mouth.
  • My guess – Ryuko’s father created the suits. Scissors-lady killed him, took the suits, and also has a blade ensuring her rule, as she can cut down those to whom she gives power.
  • Amusing, while a normal pervert undresses you, this one wants to dress you up. This is so-called “Role-play”, right? ;-)
  • Boxing-club dude – A drill! And he shouts the names of his moves! He’s no Kamina or Simon though :3

Thoughts and Notes:

1) We’re starting with a history lesson about Nazism and Fascism. This show is quick to show us its themes, the PV usage of both Animal Farm and 1984 by George Orwell seems even more fitting now. Also, serves to show this is the future of our world.

2) The action and style remind me of Freakazoid and other shows aired at the same slot :3 I feel like I’m visiting my childhood again. Then again, one of the reasons I loved Little Witch Academia so much was for making me feel the treasure that is our sense of wonder once more. Quite a different sense of nostalgia than the cloying warmth that are SoL shows such as K-On!

You know what else this animation style reminds me of? The infamous episode 4 of TTGL – they’re finally having their vengeance ;-)

Also, after she beat the street-kids, and they sighed, I thought of another animation and character design style this show reminds me of quite a bit – Dennou Coil.

3) This is an interesting point – power here doesn’t come from skill, or the fire within you, but from an external power, one that can be given, traded, or stolen. Very much a difference from TTGL, unless we somehow later encounter a power fired by one’s soul. We’re going to have to keep track of this theme of the origin of power.

The last two lines do make some sense – “Contradiction is truth. These are the truths of this world. (Surrender to those truths.)” – Contradictions being the real truth, the real power, the one that bows you, should you not be the one that makes use of it – isn’t a contradiction, isn’t a doublespeech. Contradictions do have power.

Also, “You pigs in human clothing” – considering in this show one’s clothing is one’s status and power…

And yup, when they take his clothes off, he IS a pig. Also showing he’s maskless now, exposed, not just naked, but prideless, a thief.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Ok, I’ve had fun. I do wonder where they’ll go with this – thinking of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, we got introduced to our “Big Bad” in episode 1, so will we beat her by episode 4? Nah, this is still a school show, this is basically a tournament show. We’re slowly going to fight our way up the 2 star dudes, to the 3 star dudes, to the president herself.

Also, I really doubt the president is where it’s going to end. Her mother will likely play a role as well.

This show is fun, the acting is quite good. It’s having fun with itself, which to me is important. You can feel when a show is having fun, when its creators are having fun.

I wonder how much we’re going to discuss the nature of power, the meta-discussion in shounen about power from within versus external power-ups is also going to play a part. Clothes are masks, and masks are always an interesting discussion point, especially when we already get told that lies are powerful, and lies are truth – the mask is the real you. So is Ryuko a blood-hungry pervert? That just might be…

Though, don’t have too much to discuss, this episode was a spectacle. This whole show might be. We’ll see what we have to discuss as we go along.

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One comment on “Kill la Kill Episode 1 Notes

  1. Good thoughts, very helpful to understand meanings of the show. I also liked this part:
    Slight hint, that government is just a tool of ruling class.

    and how greatly they inverted the meaning of “drill” symbol from “evolution, revolution, progress” to this

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