Kill la Kill Episodic Notes

Discussion/Notes on the Fall 2013 anime show Kill la Kill, often discussing characters’ motivation, and the nature of power.

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4 comments on “Kill la Kill Episodic Notes

  1. der says:

    Holy crap dude…Bravo man. Just made learning about Kill la Kill a lot more interesting.

  2. Finding this blog makes me incredibly happy. It actually also feels like a philosophy discussion class or something! Thank you for such an in depth analysis of the episodes :3

    • Guy says:

      I think I commented about it at some site or another, but the way I make my notes is not too dissimilar from “close readings” of the Old Testament or philosophical texts, where you read, then when you come upon something interesting the class pauses and discusses it, for as long as it takes, before moving to the next part of the text.

      Sure, editorials that tie anything close together are better, but I usually leave that to specific topics/after a show ends :)

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