Kantai Collection Episode 1 Notes

January 7th, 2015.

One preview was filled to the brim with action. The other was nothing but slice of life. So what will this show end up as?

Random Notes as I Watch:

Screenshot album 1, Screenshot album 2.

1) Setting Exposition Chit-chat:

Kantai Collection anime episode 1 notes / KanColle anime episode 1 notes - Abyssal Invasion

Black Rock Shooter, is that you?

1) “Hast thou not become slothful? Hast thou spent all possible effort?” – Very deliberate, very much not the atmosphere I expected.

2) A mysterious force, a fleet, of actual ships! “Abyssals” as a name does make sense, as they come from the farthest depths of the sea.

3) “Only one thing can stand against them – girls who posses the souls of warships from ages past.” – First, who ever said warships have souls? Then again, this fits an animistic religion. Second, this feels like the narration inside a series. Yes, I know I’m watching a series right now, but it almost feels as if I’m watching a show within a show.

4) “Using weapons known as ‘outfits'” – More like weapons in the form of outfits, or outfits that are truly weapons :P

5) “They were born with the power to fight the Abyssals” – So this is the interesting part, one called forth the other, but who called forth the first? Unless both had been summoned by a third party.

6) By the by, that Abyssal girl with the thong? She reminds me of Black Rock Shooter.

2) Love and Peace:

Kantai Collection anime episode 1 notes / KanColle anime episode 1 notes - Fubuki smiling

“Nico nico ni~” – Just shoot me.

1) And from the action at sea, here we are, on the shore, where everything’s peaceful.

2) Really pretty, when the girl turned around, she and the structure next to her were really sharp, and it wasn’t jarring.

3) “Poi” girl is voiced by Illya. And that was the Inari voice actor.

4) Those cutesy faces. We’re definitely in Slice-of-life cute girls doing cute things territory now.

5) “This is the name ship” – They said so twice. So they meant that. That phrase is so awkward, whatever it means. Heck, I thought it was an editing mistake the first time.

Kantai Collection anime episode 1 notes / KanColle anime episode 1 notes - Fubuki looks on the academy

Really pretty shot. Liked the CG usage here for the railing next to her.

6) “Tada!” while we zoom out from her breasts, “Nyaa!” from a girl who brought her knees together… please.

7) An arrow that becomes a plane, please.

8) “How pretty!” – About a warplane shooting a target. This is war, and these girls will fight in real fights,even if they dress it in the form of “cultured” archery here.

9) “I hope we can fight in the same fleet someday!” – I’m sorry, the cute girls doing cute things is overpowering me. Send help, this ship is going down!

10) “Smile.” – Shoot me now.

3) Launch!:

Kantai Collection anime episode 1 notes / KanColle anime episode 1 notes - Akagi and Kaga launching

The show can certainly be pretty with its vibrant colours.

1) That launching pad sure reminds me of Evangelion.

2) I love the Abyssals’ art, it actually reminds me of the Exalted tabletop RPG, and yes, Black Rock Shooter.

3) “Arrogance is absolutely forbidden.” – The “strict but fair” commander, eh?

4) That transformation sequence was neat, but we’ve had panty shots, cause how could we not?

5) I’m not the only one who noticed that when Akagi and Kaga (the carrier-archer duo) launched, that was the Star Wars theme, right? (16 mins in).

6) Everyone has zero experience at some point. By definition.

Kantai Collection anime episode 1 notes / KanColle anime episode 1 notes - Mogami with torn clothes

KanColle is a very classy franchise.

7) How Fubuki fell, KanColle sure is classy.

8) After she fell, and while talking to the others, the CGI was an eyesore.

9) There we go, the weapons are “outfits”, so taking battle damage removes parts of the actual outfit.

10) That screenshot of Fubuki against the Abyssal, so great, and so “only in anime.”

11) “Is that a gun in your mouth, or are you just happy to see me?”

12) That slightly sad music as they’re defeating the main enemy, as if we’re supposed to reflect on how tragic and sad it all is, regardless of all the “You can do it!” and “Cute!” vibes earlier.

13) “Someday I’ll be Akagi-san’s Escort!” – This show has more yuri than Yuri Kuma Arashi.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Kantai Collection anime episode 1 notes / KanColle anime episode 1 notes - Atago goes

The way this shot was framed we zoomed out from her breasts. /Very/ classy.

KanColle is a fine show. It does the “cute girls doing cute things” where the focus is on the girls, and on the cute, and not really on the “doing”, because as we all actually know, “Cute girls doing cute things” is more about “Cute girls being cute”, which is passive.

The CG was interesting, in how in some scenes it was really sharp, and the fact you could notice it wasn’t hand-drawn was actually nice as it made things “sharper”, but towards the end, when the characters were done in CGI rather than their surroundings or objects, it made it look like the characters were puppets with ill-fitting strings. It made me think of RWBY or “that episode” of Mekakucity Actors, but no, it wasn’t nearly that bad.

The fights were pretty sweet in how they were set up, even if they didn’t actually carry weight, not just in terms of not having stakes (as we don’t yet know or care about anyone), but in that the moves seemed too airy, and none of the blows truly seemed to strike. They looked nice, they were flashy, but they weren’t “good” fights. Still the best part of the episode for me, aside from some lovely backgrounds.

But here’s the thing, although it’s a fine show, whose plot is basic and gets out of the way because plot only gets in the way of “cute girls being cute”, I don’t actually enjoy such shows. I thought I’d check it out, because one of the previews was nothing but action. I also didn’t know how plot-driven it’d end up being. But this isn’t the show for me, and no reason to fault it for being something other than what I enjoy. And no reason to make myself watch this show when it takes me 90 minutes to get through an episode.

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