Isshuukan Friends / One Week Friends Episode 9 Notes

June 1st, 2014.

It’s All About the Journey ;_;

Time for a new boy, eh? Time for a blast from the past. Things had been getting too comfortable around here, eh? No! I like the comfort! I don’t need any drama-injection ;_; – Ah, but when the tears flow, I love it still. And it all comes naturally from the established characters.

(Screenshot album for this episode.)

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Fun with Friends:

One Week Friends / Isshuukan Friends Episode 9 anime notes - Group shot

1) Makes sense, the ones who need help need it because they procrastinate. Shogo doesn’t need help with his homework because he didn’t postpone it, it’s not only that he didn’t postpone it because he doesn’t need help.

2) Hase, two people being in the same class in grade school doesn’t make them “Childhood Friends”, when they never even really spoke to one another or anything.

3) “I make it a point to only remember fun things.” – We could all learn so much from you, Saki-chan. Well, except the stuff needed to make it through this world.

4) “You really are a busybody” says Hase-kun, nudging Shogo. Hase-kun, you’re the one who physically dragsShogo everywhere with you, and tells him to meddle in others’ affairs. Honestly, Shogo is a paragon of patience.

5) “Everyone needs reliable friends.”

6) “I thought doing assignments with you might make me feel young again!” – Mother Fujimiya is fun, well, to us. I can see how a child of hers would be all sorts of embarrassed.

7) Time with friends.

2) Journey Over Goal, Mind over Maths:

One Week Friends / Isshuukan Friends Episode 9 anime notes - Yamagishi Saki is silly with Kiryu Shogo

1) “That’s why I think the problem-solving process is important.” – Fujimiya, you’ll make Hase-kun and Saki-chan love math! At least for a couple of minutes until they get frustrated again. But what Fujimiya had said is also true for life in general – there are many ways to reach an answer, definite or otherwise, and they’re all valid. It’s a journey to finding the answer.

2) “Was there a student this tall in my elementary school?” – LOL, Saki-chan. She truly doesn’t think things through, at all.

3) “The situation isn’t resolved, and perhaps it can’t be.” – “Isn’t the process more important than the goal? Which means this situation is fine.” – Now, this is a reversal of their normal roles, where Hase-kun is trying to avoid advancing the situation, but Shogo pushes him. It makes sense though – Shogo pushes Hase to obtain what he can, and so he’ll have no regrets. He’s not pushing him to try and do things that may harm his situation.

Hase only thinks in terms of “progress” or lack thereof, while Shogo actually thinks which answer is the right one for each situation.

3) RomCom Sweetness:

One Week Friends / Isshuukan Friends Episode 9 anime notes - Fujimiya Kaori and Hase Yuki living the RomCom life

1) “Just the two of us.” – Hase is nearing meltdown levels.

2) “You never change” he said earlier, and now we see that he truly had been watching over Saki-chan, all this time. ;_;

3) Talking of solving things, and of the goal – Saki had never even tried to solve things, ending with neither a result nor a path. And Shogo, we see that he had indeed been a sort of a meddler, one interested in helping others help themselves.

Yes, Saki’s dream really fits her – the notebook made her wish someone would always provide for her. “Give a man a fish…” – Well, Saki is fine so long she gets fish, she doesn’t really desire learning how to fish herself.

4) Awww, Hase-kun falling on top of Fujimiya, and both of them being very awkward.

Fujimiya-san reaching for Hase’s head, but only to get some dust off! :P And now her mother enters, hee hee.

5) “I feel like something good will happen today.” – “It already has” – Hase-kun (referring to meeting with Fujimiya before school), you’re so sweet.

4) Dark Drama Clouds Roll In:

One Week Friends / Isshuukan Friends Episode 9 anime notes - Smiling Fujimiya Kaori

1) Transfer student sits next to Kaori, and he knows her! Dun dun duuuun! Fujimiya, between Hase and Kujo, talk of symbolism, which side will she choose?!

2) Dude calls Fujimiya a “traitor” and causes her to feel bad, within seconds of meeting her! Well, I guess if he used to know Fujimiya and had been hurt by her before, seeing her out of the blue, especially with her acting like a complete stranger, brings back bad memories for him as well. Everyone in this show is understandable, and I suspect Kujo will be as well.

3) Yup. The moment Fujimiya collapsed, when she opened her eyes, I knew. I knew that she’d suffer a relapse. She was slowly uncovering her memories, getting closer to unearthing her past to be able to live in the present. But then the past came rushing to her, and she was overwhelmed – so naturally, she had withdrawn again, undoing the past progress.

4) We’ve been told the journey is more important than the goal, but what if the journey is undone, in one fell swoop? Then again, isn’t that what this whole show was about, originally? How one should never give up, how friendship is trying again and again? Well, that still holds, but you can sense Hase-kun will be devastated. I wonder if Saki will even notice anything.

5) I really like how they manage to draw the difference in Fujimiya’s eyes, when she looks at a friend as opposed to looking at a stranger.

Post Episode Thoughts:

One Week Friends / Isshuukan Friends Episode 9 anime notes - Cold Eyes Fujimiya Kaori

Drama is upon us. Supposedly, we had undone change, but it’s not true – we are not where we started, because everyone around Fujimiya is changed. We also have this new character (Grrrr!) about, and the preview shows us he and Fujimiya will speak next episode.

Even so, even if Hase-kun will be faced with some of his earlier challenges, of having to become friends with Fujimiya again, it’ll help show him how he’s changed, and how this relationship had changed him. Fujimiya’s work had been “undone”, but everyone else’s journey hadn’t been. They’re still on the journey, to Fujimiya’s heart.

“Last day with friends” they said, oh yes, those bastards :P Well, time to see where we go from here. And yes, they are shipping Shogo and Saki. Don’t think I didn’t notice those minute traces of blushing on Shogo’s face!

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3 comments on “Isshuukan Friends / One Week Friends Episode 9 Notes

  1. This show really is a lot better than you’d think it would be. While the fuzzy feelings and the drama are good and all, what really keeps me coming back to it is Shogo, I think. Just a really good supporting character.
    Far too often you see the resident deadpan character be just the aloof and “cool” guy with no real personality, only maybe a “oh they really do care” scene every now and then. Shogo is just a good guy who doesn’t really know how to express his feelings, but instead of retreating into himself (like, let’s be honest, a lot of people in real life do), he just helps people, gives them a little push when he thinks they need it. Honest and simple, like the show at large.

    The only person he isn’t brutally honest with is himself, really. He does have a hard time to admit to himself that he really wants to be a part of the group, despite his frequent complains. It’s like he played the role of the seemingly detached deadpan guy so long, he just can’t stop anymore.

  2. […] among them that I’m waiting for the bottom to fall out (perhaps it happened at the end of last week’s episode) and that our male lead, Yuki Hase, isn’t exactly a model of sacrificial giving.  In fact, […]

  3. […] among them that I’m waiting for the bottom to fall out (perhaps it happened at the end of last week’s episode) and that our male lead, Yuki Hase, isn’t exactly a model of sacrificial giving.  In fact, […]

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