Isshuukan Friends / One Week Friends Episode 8 Notes

May 25th, 2014.

Making Memories

Last week Hase had been forced to act, to say he likes Fujimiya, or at least wishes to spend his time with her. Fujimiya said she likes him as well, though she meant it as a friend. But hey, she wants to spend time with him as well! Being Shogo is suffering, always.

(About 10 of this week’s images didn’t make it into the post, you can see the full album here.)

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Hase and Fujimiya, Observed in the Wild:

One Week Friends / Isshuukan Friends Episode 8 anime notes - Fujimiya Kaori and Hase Yuki are too cute

  1. Hase is the cutest tsundere ever. “Well, I guess I wouldn’t mind going with you to the beach…” – Hase, who are you trying to kid? You’re ecstatic! I wonder why Hase’s foot-shuffling and essentially tsundere behaviour doesn’t bother me, how does he differ from say, Aisaka Taiga? That is, a tsundere who admits to friends what she’s like, but not the object of her crush? Maybe because he’s not aggressive in any way, or blames others. Well, he does blame Shogo somewhat.
  2. Hase, so happy, so glowing, then Fujimiya delivers the death-blow, “Do you think Kiryu and Saki would come as well?” And Hase, he is at the peak of his happiness, spending time with Fujimiya, alone, without anyone else around, but he must be reminded the others are always lurking, in Fujimiya’s mind and heart.
  3. “I’m too embarrassed to go on my own with you..” – “Right! Let’s invite them!” – You know, it just hit me, the most unnatural thing in this show isn’t Fujimiya’s memory-loss, but that she can’t tell what Hase is thinking/feeling.
  4. “Their relationship up to now”, accompanied by bad Karaoke, it’s like an Adam Sandler film.
  5. The Fujimiya smile of kindness! Of course the mosquitos all want Hase’s blood, it’s too sweet!

2) The Cutest Group Ever:

One Week Friends / Isshuukan Friends Episode 8 anime notes - Childish Yamagishi Saki

  1. Earnest Hase-kun, as he prepares to ask Shogo for something, even on his bed, he assumes the proper posture before bowing, over the phone.
  2. Everyone is so tsun this episode, which makes sense considering one person giving mixed signals causes others to be unsure as well – Shogo is told to leave them alone, then to come with, and then Hase often tells him off for doing as he asks, not surprising that he wants to just be left alone.
  3. Child Saki very cute, or annoying if you think of her age and don’t treat her as a child. This show has such cute head-tilts.
  4. Fujimiya wrote about Hase-kun eating his wieners feet-first?! What madness is this :P To her, every small thing about Hase matters.
  5. Poor Hase, you should listen to Travis’ “Why Does it Always Rain on Me?” – Well, your goal was to spend more time with Fujimiya, what does the beach really matter?

    Yessss, Hase realizes it’s all about Fujimiya having fun!

3) Making Memories:

One Week Friends / Isshuukan Friends Episode 8 anime notes - Fujimiya Kaori is making memories

  1. “Uwaaaa!” is what Hase must be thinking, cause I’m thinking it too! <3 Well, you’re in the beach, you’resupposed to get wet, hee hee.
  2. Hase-kun is shocked, shocked, at being outdone by Shogo, but he should be used to this by now :P
  3. Fujimiya staring with loving eyes at the picture she made with her friends – in anime, they often say “Let’s make great memories this year/vacation!” – This picture is the object-form of her “making memories”, with her friends, which is a very special thing, for Fujimiya.

    This picture looks like a cream-strawberry cake. All the diabetes!

  4. “I hug her all the time, so I know, but Kaori has quite a bust!” – Saki is such a riot :o Also, Hase-kun, “I don’t feel anything weird like that towards Fujimiya-san!” – that’s classic “putting a girl on a pedestal” behaviour, there’s nothing weird about liking someone romantically, you dunce!

4) I Love… These Beautiful Shots!:

One Week Friends / Isshuukan Friends Episode 8 anime notes - Hase Yuki and Fujimiya Kaori in the sunset

  1. “The other day, I had a weird feeling when I saw Hase-kun talking to another girl, I wonder what that was?” – Unlike RomComs such as Nisekoi, this doesn’t make me want to go “That’s jealousy, you’re in love! Stop being so clueless!”, but makes me think “That’s jealousy, and you don’t even know that! How cute!” – I think part of it is that the characters here are younger, but also that the tune is different – in RomComs those misunderstandings are to keep things stale or “funny”, and here it’s more drama-based, for characters to learn how feelings work.
  2. What a lovely shot.
  3. Shogo, always looking out for Hase-kun, “Are you sure this is what you want?” – He’s talking of being content with Fujimiya being content, of looking at her, and adoring her from, well, not exactly afar, but not fully committing either.
  4. Fujimiya Kaori <3
  5. This show continues to have the best sunset shots.
  6. Hase is there to catch and support Fujimiya :3
  7. Sunset couple! Someone hug me!
  8. “Hase-kun, will you share your flame with me?” – Uguuu~
  9. Starlit lovers? One can hope.
  10. “Lately, I keep wanting to use the word “like”, I wonder why that is.” – In other words, you keep wanting to blurt it out, eh? :)

So, we are introduced to a new character in the last few seconds, Fujimiya seems to have “feels”, but this show is all feels anyway, and “Last day with friends” – that better be “Last day of summer vacation with friends” or we might have to riot.

Post Episode Thoughts:

One Week Friends / Isshuukan Friends Episode 8 anime notes - Hase Yuki and Fujimiya Kaori under the starlight

So, seems they’re giving us 4 episodes per “arc”, and the last episode of each arc is sort of perfect, and doubly so as a conclusion to where the arc had taken us. No, nothing can compare to how emotional episode 4 had been, and what a great little story it had told, but this episode had just been so precious.

You know how Fujimiya and Hase said they couldn’t stop smiling the whole day? Well, I couldn’t stop smiling watching them either :)

Shogo telling Hase he has to “push harder” – sound advice, and the same advice Shogo had always been giving – “If you know what you want, work to make it reality, act, because others won’t do so for you.” – but it also gives off the slight sense of a Death-flag, and oh boy I hope it doesn’t turn out that way.

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