Isshuukan Friends / One Week Friends Episode 5 Notes

May 4th, 2014.

The New Girl is Here:

(Screenshot album, including some lovely sunset shots)

New character? New character! Wonder how she’ll mix in with the rest of them.


1) Old Interactions, Meet The New Girl:

Isshuukan Friends Episode 5 anime notes / One Week Friends Episode 5 anime notes - Fujimiya Kaori, Hase Yuki, and Kiryu Shogo look speechless

1) Yup, new arc, so we get reminded of how it works. Also, their rules are so ridiculous, yet they actually make sense for how teenagers behave, especially with how the surrounding with their “help” just makes everything much more awkward in such situations.

2) “I thought that following our restrictive rule was proof of our friendship.” – We can all see it as ridiculous, and yet, people truly do behave like that in real life. A lot.

3) This new girl, with her hair and shirt, is she trying to mimic Hase? Heh.

4) I love their “What just happened?!” expression.

5) “Oh wow! / Oh no! She talked to her like it’s completely normal!” – Foolish Hase, didn’t you learn from the episode with Shogo? You’re all so happy playing in the secret world you’ve constructed, as if it makes you special, but then when people act friendly with Fujimiya out in the open, you realize that the way you worship the little you have is ridiculous, and only there because you can’t have more.

Except, you can have more. You just need to be able to treat Fujimiya as a real person, rather than as some goddess, treat her normally, and your relationship could grow. Yes, you have something now, and it’s oh so pretty in its glass cage, but that also keeps it from growing.

2) Pushing For Change:

Isshuukan Friends Episode 5 anime notes / One Week Friends Episode 5 anime notes - Fujimiya Kaori and Yamagishi Saki

1) Yamagishi is just like Hase, in the most important sense. They push Fujimiya. She’s content to sit in her glass cage, but they just tell her they want to be her friends, and go for it. The difference is how far they go before they’re content. Hase is content with just sharing pace with Fujimiya. He doesn’t treat her as a friend, but as a female friend. Yamagishi doesn’t have to act like this, so she’s going for a normal friendship.

Fujimiya’s memory, her whole nature is to avoid progress. To become her friend, you must overcome it, and push for change.

2) Yes, “amazing” certainly is a way to describe Yamagishi ;-) More to the point, “Better to know when you will forget, than to have it happen without knowing.” – Death you prepare yourself to, compared to death that springs on you, or losing bits and pieces of your memory all the time, feeling you’re losing “you”, but being unable to stop it.

3) “You’re overthinking it. You should just relax and enjoy life.” – Or in other words, so what if you forget things? You can still enjoy each week! As we’ve seen. Fearing the future causes her to not enjoy her present, so she loses out on everything.

“Of course, people say I’m running away from issues.” – Well, you both are. Just enjoying life and not thinking of the future is running away from the future. Overthinking the future and shying away from the present is running away from the present. Both of you run away, but perhaps together you’ll run tosomeplace.

3) Acceptance:

Isshuukan Friends Episode 5 anime notes / One Week Friends Episode 5 anime notes - Fujimiya Kaori and Yamagishi Saki in animal suits

1) Shogo and the truth-bombs! Hase is creepy both to Fujimiya, and to him, heh.

2) “Don’t be jealous of a girl.” – Shogo, killing all yuri and yaoi shippers in their homes.

3) So cute in the animal cloaks! Makes one think of Serial Experiment Lain too! :)

4) This show continues to have the most beautiful sunsets.

5) “I’m having fun now, now that I have friends.” Yup, this is what this show is about. Life is hard without friends. Making friends is hard, but not as hard as you think, and much of it is down to needless fear, but once you have friends, even if you fight, your days can be fun. That’s the message.

6) Fujimiya waving goodbye, after that “See you on Monday!” – No face, no body. Man, I really like the director here. The semi-crumpled hand, the faded smile. Small touches. The smallest. Yes, he gives us Fujimiya crying, but only after giving us everything we needed to piece it together. He’s “telling” us, but only after having showed first.

7) Laughing in front of everyone, is Fujimiya going to be part of the crowd now? And if he’ll be seen in public with Hase, how will they handle being labeled a couple? :P

8) Yup, Yamagishi is doing it all in search of the tearful smiling Fujimiya face, as do we all.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Isshuukan Friends Episode 5 anime notes / One Week Friends Episode 5 anime notes - Fujimiya Kaori and Yamagishi Saki sunset

Hm, we’re moving ahead, and quite a bit. A premise is there to set things in motion, but yeah. LNs/manga often lose steam once the author runs out of ideas of how to keep the premise fresh, and things just turn into a slice of life/comedy mix-up where our characters are thrown into various situations, and they try to resolve them as part of their already established personalities, alongside some growth, and the premise is quickly forgotten – making whatever it is very similar to others of its kind.

This series though, I wonder how many more ideas he has. The premise of the memory-loss is actually not what this show is about, and that’s a good place to talk about premise versus theme. The premise should carry the theme, but in the end, aside from “for plot purposes”, it’s the theme that truly matters.

Here, this isn’t a “plot-driven show”, but it’s a character-driven drama from the onset, so the sort of “plot devolution” I speak of above isn’t an issue. The theme? Making friends, opening up, asserting yourself and obtaining the change on your own. Yes, friends help, but you have to make something with it.

Whether or not the amnesia keeps playing part, and how much, or when, can be “plot-interesting”, but the show is strong for many reasons not relying on it, so I’m going to keep my faith.

Yamagishi fits well in this “fuzzy-world”, she walks as if in a dream. So now we have two boys, and two girls, and next week we’re going to meet Fujimiya’s mother. Lovely :)

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